The Simple, Easy Things I do to Save my Planet

Last week, I did a post about how to save your planet. I was expecting comments about how everyone did their part, big or small. Instead, I read a lot of excuses about why no one is saving the planet. Boo.

I’m still going to tell you what I do, because my third suggestion in the post is to tell the people around you what you are doing to make a change (big or small). I already take my responsibility, and I avidly search the Internet for what actions I can take to reduce my impact.

Here it goes!

  1. I make my own laundry detergent with baking soda, washing soda, Borax, and pure Castile soap.
  2. I do the laundry in cold water, making sure the basket is full.
  3. I use a rack to dry most of my clothes.
  4. I brush my teeth with baking soda.
  5. I use olive oil, avocado oil, tallow, and Shea butter for my skin instead of the chemical laden (and in little plastic bottles) conventional beauty products.
  6. I walk to the grocery, the gym, the pharmacy, and the bank.
  7. I drive an old, but fuel efficient Pontiac Vibe, and stick to the speed limit. I plan to keep the car until it breaks down completely.
  8. I repair my cloth instead of tossing them out when there’s a little hole. I do the same for everything else. If I can’t fix it myself, I probably have a friend who can.
  9. I remember to close the lights, and reduce the heating when not in use.
  10. I don’t buy bottled water. I use a refillable bottle that I fill with tap water. If water was disgusting at my home, I would probably use a carbon filter. I guess I’d do research for the best way to have great water with a low wasting system.
  11. I don’t buy books: I go walk to the library or read on my phone.
  12. I use a rag to clean out messes instead of paper towel (almost forgot this one since it’s so obvious)
  13. I shut the water off when I wash my body, or my hair in the shower. I do the same when I wash my hands, my teeth, and do the dishes. You get the idea.
  14. I don’t eat processed food. And I never spoil food. Ever. Leftovers are so underrated!
  15. I make an effort not to buy anything in plastic anymore. That one is really hard.
  16. I DIY, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. Recycle doesn’t necessarily means putting the thing in the green recycling bin… Just saying!
  17. This year, I want to try to buy nothing (except food and hygiene products).

Sure, there are probably things I do that are less eco-friendly, and indeed, I live with the decisions I made in the past that were not so great.

I’m also sure I forgot a lot of things that have been habits for so long they are too obvious (or personal) to share. Just think about never leaving litter behind, throwing trash in nature, or in the streets, and picking up trash people have thrown through their car’s windows. Yes, I know it’s incredible, but there are still stupid people who do that!!!

What do you do?

How to Save Your Planet

Most of us understand that if we continue in this direction, the future generations are going to face big problems. Our children’s children, will be living on a planet with around 10 billion other people. With so many people needing to drink water, eating, using their cars every day, consuming stuff and throwing it away somewhere no one wants to see it, and global warming, no need to be a Nostradamus to accurately predict the future.

It seems like not many of us give a damn about what will happen. We’re a real threat to life on this planet, but we continue to consume and destroy. We’re definitely more worried about how to make more money, have more stuff, and our precious cars than we are about tigers, trees, or bees.

We naively believe that They will find a way to make earth the paradise that it once was. They, the scientists, governments, ecologists, as if they were Gods, will make everything bad go away. The thing to realize is that we are They. I am They, you are They, we are They. 

When we talk about the future with pessimism, it anchors the tragic faith we predict, and convinces us that we can’t do anything to make it better. We’re even convinced that it’s not our fault. It’s They, Big Corp, with their marketing strategies, who make us drive our cars to go buy stuff. So we continue to consume and destroy.

Small changes can create solutions to this big problem. The first thing to do is to take responsibility, admit that we do things that destroy our beautiful planet, our air, our water.

Next, learn about what you can do (or not do!) to improve the current situation. The Internet is a wonderful place to find practical actions you can make today.

And finally, educate the people surrounding you through attraction rather than promotion. Tell your friends, family, co-workers what you do, why it works, and why you’re doing it. Let them decide if they want to follow you instead of trying to force them to your view.

Next, I’ll be sharing with you what I concretely do in my journey to save the planet.

The good always wins over the villains, right? Problem is, we’re currently the villains, but who says we can’t become the good guys?


Better than Nothing, Really?

How many times have you heard this little piece of wisdom? How many times have you said it yourself? I know I’ve been guilty of saying it more than I would ever want to admit it. Sometimes to encourage and congratulate someone who did something. And sometimes, as a lame excuse for not giving it my best.

It’s better than nothing. Except that nothing isn’t really that hard to beat.

In some instances, nothing is really better than something. This would be the case with relationships. A bad relationship where only one of the partner is willing to make changes and efforts is a good example.

A relationship with a family member where every single time you meet with her, they bring you down, they suck your energy up, they make you feel guilty, or they manipulate you. Even after you’ve communicated your need for a change, they still behave in an unacceptable way. This is another great example of nothing is better than something.

Using the “it’s better than nothing” adage is also a way to make us feel better about poor performances. When we use this phrase, it’s usually to cover up our shame because we know, deep down, that we didn’t give it our 100%. I’m guilty of using it too, but now that I’ve realized what I’ve done, I’ll tell myself the truth.

I am also trying to tell the truth to the people I sometimes tell it to. This proves to be a little more challenging.

In some case, though, it could be better than nothing. When you want to create a new habit, you may not be able to go full force the first few times. I mean, 3 push ups are indeed better than no push ups at all, as long as you gave it your all, and you keep progressing!

What do you usually use the “it’s better than nothing” excuse for?

2016 in Review

On the Blog

Earlier this year, I started sharing my thoughts about habits, challenges, and ways to be a better version of ourselves. Some of you were surprised to find this kind of writing on a porn website.

The reason I decided to share my thoughts on personal development is simply passion. I read tons of books that I find truly inspiring on the subject. And even if the book is crap, there’s always a little something I can take out of it.

I decided to stick with this blog topic because you seem to enjoy the opinion I share with you. I also believe that if we’re a better version of ourselves, we’re also better with other, and better lovers.

On the Website

This year, I started adding more pictures. Portraits, blowjob pictures, and even a few galleries where my butt was the focus.

I’ve also added more videos about anal play because, well, I love it!!

The site grew a lot too. It currently holds 315 video and photo updates. All of them were made with love, genuine passion, and are artfully explicit. I still believe in beautiful porn, and to this date, it has been my drive to continue sharing my sexual self with you.

In my Personal Life

I’ve discovered a new passion: vintage trial motorcycle. It’s highly technical, very slow paced (you think you’re going slow, you’re not slow enough), and the community is made of truly interesting and older people.

I’m getting married in 2018. I never thought I would agree, but it seems love can be a strong mean of persuasion!

Three years ago, I had a stupid accident where I shattered my left tibial plateau. I had an external fixator on for 2 weeks, had surgery to have a plate a 11 screws fix my bone, stayed in the hospital for 30 days, had another surgery to remove the plate and the screws a year and a half later, and the screws damage my knee so I developed osteoarthritis.

I live with this every day, but I can feel it’s getting better. I go to the gym, and have a special program to make my leg strong and more flexible. I eat the right food to heal, and most of all, I believe I will completely heal. It’s hard as hell, but I love a good challenge that pays off dividends!

What’s your best moment from 2016?


We’re Blessed

A few days ago, I’ve watched a documentary about the world’s worst prison on earth. The focus of this particular documentary was about the San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia.

The country has given up completely on the inmates, and they have to get organized by themselves. They have jobs inside the community, buy or rent their accommodation, and often live with their families. Yes, there are women and children living behind the prison walls.

Since I’ve watched the documentary, I’ve been feeling immensely blessed. Every morning, I get to drink a delicious coffee, something the criminals and their family probably don’t do even morning, or at all. I feel very safe in my country. In Bolivia, if police suspects you of anything, you’re guilty until proven otherwise. Here, it’s the other way around.

I know the men in San Pedro are criminals. Their privileges of being a part of our society have been revoked. That’s fair enough to me.

Seeing what happens there made me feel so grateful for all the little things that I usually take for granted. Eating 3 tasty and healthy meals a day. Taking a warm shower every day. Brushing my teeth. Sleeping in a comfortable bed. Being free to choose what I want to do every single day.

I think we are blessed, and we don’t even recognize it. We complain, some more than others 😉

I’m not comparing myself to the inmates. Aside from being human, we don’t have much in common. I’m using their misery to realize how most people’s life are awesome, including mine.

Life is a gift. Say thank you!

Have you ever had a moment like this, when you suddenly realize how blessed you are?

If This, Then That

Back in 2003, I changed my life over, and learn PHP. I used this skill to build websites, and earn a living until something bad happened; I didn’t get paid for a big project I already had spend countless hours on. I decided it was enough. I used the skill to build my own websites, and be free of people who don’t pay.

I tell you this because many programming languages use the If/Then statement. It got me thinking that this way of conducting ourselves is being applied to real life situations. Except that we’re not aware this conditional statement is driving us.

What if we became conscious, and use the If/Then statement to create new habits?

Habits are created through a formula that goes like this: you get a signal, or cue, that triggers the desired behaviour. This desired behaviour is then rewarded.

Habit = Signal > Behaviour > Reward

The signal is the If in the If/Then statement, and the behaviour and the reward are the Then. Because the signal, the If, is what makes us do the desired behaviour, the Then, it makes sense to focus on creating strong Ifs.

There’s also the possibility to use the behaviour, or the reward, as an If. This is even better because it creates an infinite Loop of desired, rewarded behaviour that signal the next desired behaviour.

It might look like using this technique would make us behave like programs. Whether you like it or not, you’re already acting as a program. During any given day, we are 80% habit driven*, but most of those habits would need a major upgrade. Besides, I’d rather be the one taking decisions concerning the important things in my life.

Do you have a chain, or a Loop of habits that would need an upgrade?

* I don’t remember the source of this statistic, but when I do, I’ll add it as a reference that I’m not throwing numbers out in thin air for the fun of it.

Making Your Life Simpler

Making things simple in your life will give you less stress, less illness, and more time to enjoy the important things.

Clutter is a form of complexity, and you should get rid of it. The easiest way to do it is to declutter one small space at a time. Starting with a space in your house or apartment that really needs attention, then move on to the spaces in your life, and the spaces in your head. One at a time.

Since we have to eat everyday, it makes sense to look at what we put in our body and simplify that too. Preparing bigger batches saves time and energy in the long run. It also makes it simple to decide what to eat when you’re hungry. You should also consider drinking only water, tea and a little bit of coffee instead of the crap that screw up your body.

Here’s a few more things to consider to simplify your life.

  • Move everyday for at least 45 minutes. The simplest form of exercises that almost everybody can do is walking. We were designed to walk a lot. Start slow and build until you’re there.
  • Stop complaining and be grateful!
  • Don’t have debts.
  • Set up a routine for the things you have to do anyway. Perfect it until you can do it fast, and on autopilot.
  • Make a not-do-to list with the things you do, but hate and aren’t absolutely necessary.
  • Love the heck out of your friends, family, and significant other.
  • Write everything down.

When you start your journey to simplify, there’s going to be a period where things are going to get more complicated before it all gets simpler. Like this:

Chloe Morgane - Making Your Life Simpler

Hang in there!

Do you have simple tips to make life simple?

The Most Important Thing in Your Life


I could end it there, but health is more than just eating the right diet, and exercising. It’s about healthy relationships –friends, family, love, sex– , financial health, and mental health. The body is your foundation, and you can trust the principles that work to get it or keep it healthy for the other areas.

It’s true that food is more or less 50% responsible for how you feel, that exercise (we can also say moving if the word exercise scares you) is giving you that beautiful, healthy glow, and a good night’s sleep repairs your body and makes you feel refreshed. If you do those three things right, you’re already ahead of your game with a strong base. Most people know what they need to eat, and what they need to do. It just seems that health is not the most important thing in their life. It should be. It must be. Without it, you’re just a piece of sick flesh trying to get by.

Health is also in your head. If you think of yourself as a healthy person, you’ll do healthy things. If you’re broken, but think and know you’ll heal, you’ll do things that will make you heal. If health is the most important thing in your life, everything you do, every choice you’ll make will be effortlessly healthy.

Health doesn’t cost a lost of money, it’s quite cheap in fact.

You probably already have two feet, two legs, shoes and clothes to go for a walk.

You probably can choose to go to bed to get that 7-8 hours sleep instead of numbing your brain in front of the TV.

You also can choose to eat your veggies instead of that nasty french fry.

You’re probably the master of your own thoughts; use them to construct a healthy you.

You probably have money, save it well.

You probably have one friend, nurture that relationship.

Your health should must be the most important thing in your life.

Agree or disagree? I’d like to know, maybe I’m wrong!



Goals vs Intentions

What do goals, visualization, and to-do lists have in common?

They all make us work for the end result instead of living and creating from the present moment. It’s not that they’re bad tools, on the contrary, having hopes, dreams, and actionable items in our life are beneficial.

The problem lies in that we are reaching out for our dreams instead of living them.

The reasons you want to achieve a goal always have a deeper sense than just the item on your list. You want to change a behaviour to feel better, change a thought pattern to stop feeling so bad, change a physical aspect of your body to feel sexy again, or take control of your finances to finally be free.

Goals, to-do list, and visualization are statics. By shifting to set out your intentions, you open up to possibilities that you might not have thought of, or even thought existed in the first place.

Wanting that country home may mean you long for peace, freedom, a contact with nature, and a space to welcome family and friends.

Your intention is everything. It sets your life to move you onward to where you want to end up. The clearer your intentions, the closer to your life’s purpose you’ll be.

A goal is reached in the future, it’s focused on the end-result, and our minds are having a hard time doing things now for the future (else everyone would be fit, strong, financially free, etc.). Intentions still consider the future, and the desired out-come, but it can happen right now.

And what happens when you don’t reach your goal? You feel like a failure, and give up. Or you could start using practices that are contrary to the reasons you originally set out that goal.

Good intentions keep you connected to the present moment and your future vision.

When your actions are in harmony with your thoughts, your intentions, and your expectations, you can bring anything you want in the physical world. Your goals should be set with intent.


Be the Scientist of Your Life

We all know it: the things we measure are the things we can improve. The best example of this is at the gym. People who go to the gym, or who have been there before, know they need to count their reps if they want to improve their strength, their mass, or lose fat. It’s a given, a big duh!.

So why aren’t we counting the things that are important in our lives. Like recording our values, how much time we spend with a loved one, or even how many compliments we gave in a day? We want more of the good things in life, but we’re not taking effective steps to make them happen.

When you count, track, record, it helps you see clearly where you spend your time and energy. It’s not so much about giving 10 compliments a day and you call it done. It’s about being aware of who you are, what you are focusing on, and improving what makes you the great person that you already are.

Once you have a basis for the things you want to show up for, it’s easy to plan and schedule time to do these important things.

Sometimes we think we’re not doing enough and not giving enough. Measuring will set to record straight and show us that the reality isn’t even close to what we thought. It’s a way to make us stop feeling guilty, remove the pressure we put on ourselves, or realize that we actually kick-ass!

Some things can’t be measured. We can’t put love, faith, or purpose into hard numbers. What we can do is measure the way we show our love, our faith, and the way we live our purpose.

Do you think it’s weird to track compliments, or love notes? What are you measuring in your life?