I Love Coffee and Corset

It’s no secret. I love coffee. I mean, I really, really love coffee. I love coffee so much, I go to bed and think of how good my next morning coffee is going to be. And if I’m wearing my favourite corset, then coffee is going to be even better.

Redhead Starring at Window in Green Lingerie

Staring at the window, I wait for your return. I’m your redhead, and I abandon myself in the thoughts of your love, daydreaming of your kisses and caresses. My long, soft, and curly red hair float on my shoulders. They’re long enough to cover my boobs, and my nipples. I’ll remember to push them aside when you’ll arrive so you can see my little buttons trying to pierce the lace of my green babydoll lingerie.

I know you’ll soon be here, and the smile on my face betrays my happiness. The sunlight reflects on the snow, and illuminates my eyes with hundreds of stars. It can get very cold here in Canada, but you can easily warm up inside our houses. If the temperature isn’t warm enough for you, our big heart will certainly get you all warmed up!

As I’m eagerly waiting for you, unceasingly looking out the window, the strap on my right shoulder falls off. More of my mellow boobs get uncover, and as a reflex, I automatically try to hide them with arm, even though there’s no one around to hide them from. This unfortunate movement creates an opulent cleavage, and a mischievous smile on my face.

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