Soft Caresses, Love and Sensuality

I made myself a cup of tea because it is so cold today and I needed comforting warmth. I take a few sip and listen to this song that gives me courage and strength. Suddenly, I see your car move into the driveway … my heart is racing but I decided to wait patiently listening to my music and drinking my tea.

I hear your footsteps in the hallway and I anticipate┬áto meet your eyes and see you my marvellous love. You come to me, go behind the chair and caress my face, stroke my breasts. You slide your fingers in my hair and on my lips. I can not stand it anymore, I look at you with desire. Finally, you kiss me and I escape in those kisses full of passion and lust. When you take leave of my lips, I’m in a state of bliss and absolute happiness.

The Kisses and the Blowjob of Your Wild Redhead

Caressing and kissing your cock to awaken your arousal brings all my senses to an absolute sensual paradise. I look up to you to see if you approve of my teasing, licking and sucking on your sensitive foreskin and sucking your beautiful cock with the skin up. Your touch tells me yes, please!

You stroke my arm as my lips slide up and down your shaft. Seeing that intense passion in your eyes is electrifying. I am wild and aroused by your simple touch on my breast and I get eager to taste your creamy sweet cum.

You are so intense when you orgasm, you burst into my mouth and my eyes simply can not contain that feeling of excitement and surprise! I look at the camera, with that naughty smile on my lips and we both laugh from that joyful experience.

See Through Sexy Black Dress

I’m really happy with my next choice. It’s my pretty lilac ruffled nightie. I put it on, I put my breasts in their right place and tie the ribbon to cinch my waist.

I think I seduced you with my naughty smile because you rushed to caress my breasts and take a full hand of them. It makes me moan and you decide that you do not want caress me over my nightie anymore, you slip your hand underneath, but you end up undressing me.

I turn around, you caress my behind and to make me languish, you choose another piece of lingerie. This is my black transparent ultra slinky dress that I received as a gift a few years ago. I still wear it since it makes me feel sexy!

Strings on the front makes me want to invite you. You gladly accepted and caress my pussy with your skilled fingers. You make me moan once again and you can not stop this bump from growing in your pants!

You let me change once again while licking the taste of my pussy from your fingers. I would choose another piece of lingerie … but which one?

A Sudden Urge to Masturbate with my Double Dildo

I’m working. Sort of. I have no clue how it got there, but my pink toy followed me to my “work station”. And it’s nagging me. It wants me to use it. It wants to get in my mouth and in my wet pussy.

At one point, I just had to give in. It was the best idea I had all day! I made myself come again and again…

Your Workout Reward: A Sensual Blowjob

I know I should have let you finish your workout before giving you a blowjob. The urge to taste you, to feel you swell in my mouth was to strong, I had to stop you.

I guess you weren’t to upset I disturbed you during your workout because you also gave me a lot of pleasure with your fingers. This was a better workout after all!

Wearing Sumptuous Lingerie

Only you and I will know what I am wearing underneath my cloths today. And I wanted you to choose what it would be so that all day I’d be thinking of you.

The first piece of lingerie to try on is my delicate embroidered basque and its assorted g-string. You help me put it on. It’s beautiful, but that’s not what you’ve had in mind.

Which one will you have me try on next?

Nude in the Afternoon Sunlight

The sunlight shines deep inside of me as if it were showing me the way. It warms my pale skin through the window, I feel safe in its ray. There is something reassuring knowing the sun will still be there tomorrow, shining bright and strong, filling hearts with love and joy.

Good Time for a Blowjob

This week I’ve got you four wonderful updates. So which one will you watch first? Preparing a surprise to my BF? The fun we had on Tuesday? Maybe you’d rather find out what I did to remedy the situation with my gadget that wasn’t recharged? Or see that it’s always a good time for a blowjob?

I’d love to know what you think about the videos. They’re of course very different from what I did on The Art of Blowjob or on Camille Crimson and I must say it makes me nervous as to how you’re going to like this new direction.

I still have a lot to learn on the technical side: positioning the camera so that it looks good and that we see everything properly and play with the settings so that the image is on focus and well lit is a whole new level of skills that I’m enjoying developing. I hope you’ll bare with me while I’m still learning!

There’s Always Time for a Blowjob

Some have to much time, some have to little time. Because we all want what’s best in life, what’s best for us, time is our precious ally. This is why it’s always a good time for a blowjob.

You don’t hold back, you go deep and cum hard into my mouth. I know you love to see the fruit of my hard work so I did let it flow out of my mouth, with a giggle, and then suck it all back. It was delicious!