Your Voice on the Phone is a Turn on

I wanted to enjoy myself in my pretty little white transparent nightie. So I settled on the lounge chair, on all fours, ass in the air. I caress my breasts, let the straps of my nightie slide to expose my breast.

I then caress my buttocks and my pussy. I insert a finger, then two, letting myself go to the pleasure it gives me to feel them inside.

The phone rings. It’s you. We talk a little and then you wonder what we’ll eat for lunch. You have the idea of ​​buying tomatoes and I say that I would eat a tomato sandwich with bacon!

After our conversation, I’m excited to have heard your voice and I continue where I left off. I have a powerful orgasm and have to turn around and sit down because I’m shaking!

Duration: 01:54 Min.

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Redhead on the Bridge

Last week we went to the funeral of Dan’s grandmother in Gaspesia. He showed me around his hometown and I must say I’d love to live there. There is everything I love and more.

Here we can cross the bridge and go for a long hike in the woods, perfect for two lovers who want to escape prying eyes!

Blowjob and Ass Licking in Nature

Riding in the woods in Gaspesia, we find ourselves is in a dead-end, which gave me the idea to give you a blowjob. I love to suck you in nature, hearing the birds and the wood cracking from the animals around us.

You had this great idea to turn around and show me your beautiful behind for me to lick your ass while you masturbate. You taste sweet and delicious and I feel a warmth and intense feeling of excitement rising inside me.

In the end, you turned back to face me, and feed me your tasty cum. This wonderful orgasm you had resonated in the vastness of the Gaspesien forest.

Two Fingers in my Pussy

I’m comfortable in my little gray kit and I want to rub my pussy. I let myself be tempted and I slid my fingers under my panties to feel my wetness.

I slide a finger, then two and I masturbate with eagerness. I feel my two fingers inside and it is a delight to penetrate myself that way. The palm of my hand rubs against my clitoris and I end up having a blazing orgasm!

Easily Distracted by my Vibrator

I am looking for a sexy dress in my clothes. I like my sleeveless and strapless pink dress, but I want something more classic that would go with my red lipstick. Just like this fitted black dress …

I put it on and decided it was a good idea to wear a thong under that mini dress. I hesitate between blue and red, but now my pretty red and white vibrator is distracting me.

I take it and immediately use it! It’s so good to feel the vibration on my clitoris. I increase the speed once, twice. There are six speeds, like on my bike. My pleasure grows and becomes stronger, I penetrate my pussy with a finger, then I enter a second. Ecstasy is at my door, I let her grab me and take me to heaven, I orgasm.

A Blowjob in the Woods

Spring is a wonderful time to go walk in the wood. The temperature is still fresh, so I chose to wear a comfy pair of jeans, and a blue plaid shirt. We’re holding hand, like perfect lovers. We arrive at a fire camp site where there’s a big log on the ground. We look at each other, and I guess we both understood that look in our eyes.

We walk up to the log, I let my backpack down, and start kissing you passionately. Your hand is in my jeans, caressing pussy, mine is caressing the bump forming in your pants. I unbutton and unzip them, sit down on lug, take your cock out, and I smile. You hold it for me so I can put it my mouth, open wide and push it even deeper.

I suck your shaft sideways, and go right down to your balls. You lift your cock straight to help me get easy access to your balls. I lick them delicately, give them tender love. I get back to sucking your cock, but this time, you place your hand behind my head, and push your cock deep inside. It happens to make me gag, and that’s because you’re bigger than what I can take, but we laugh about it.

I suck, and suck your beautiful cock some more, moving my whole body, making the lug rock back and forth. I eagerly slide my tongue from your cock head to your balls, moaning with pleasure.

You take your cock in your hand and show me that you would like me to suck and lick your balls. Then you want it again in my warm mouth. I put my hand on your shaft, your cock in my mouth, and suck. There’s a lot of saliva, it’s a little messy, and very sloppy. I once or twice go very deep, making your cock disappear completely in my mouth deep down in my throat. And that’s when I open my mouth do this special trick that you love so much: licking your balls while I have your cock buried  deep in my throat.

Your so turned on, and give me a good irrumatio. One hand behind my head, you push to deep throat me, but you want more, and use both hands to hold my head and irrumate again until I gag. We can only laugh about it. Then I use both my hands with a twisting motion. It’s a little too much, so I switch to using only one hand and my mouth. You follow the rhythm with me, then grab your cock and masturbate while I suck your balls.

Soon your ready to burst into my mouth, and give me your creamy cum. Your orgasm is loud and appreciative. I want every last drop of cum, and you milk your cock over my mouth to give it to me. There’s a bit of cum that have spilled on the side of my mouth and on my chin. It stays there while I lick you clean. It’s as if I didn’t notice it was there. With your finger, you wipe my chin off, and feed me the cum that spilled there.

We both leave the wood happy.

Playing With my Big Boobs

My boobs are soft, round, and big. I love to play with them. I tenderly caress my plump boobs, enjoying the softness of my lilac baby doll. My nipples are getting harder as I continue to caress my big boobs. I can feel them through the fabric, and my mind starts to think naughty thoughts.

Pushing my long and soft red hair and lifting the straps of my baby doll, I can easily get my hands inside to feel my boobs flesh. They’re not warm, nor cold. I press them together, creating a generous cleavage, and revealing my nipples as I push my baby doll aside. I use my indexes to rub and tease my nipples. It makes them spike, and harder. I love the feeling of their tips getting harder and harder.

I play with, and caress my big boobs as I look at you with my most innocent look. Using my arm to press them together, it creates a nice and perfect cleavage. I run my free hand between the two, and then can only use my finger through the tightness of them being pressed together.

I let go of my arm, and they bounce playfully back in place. I enjoy the feeling of their heaviness, so I cup them, push them up, and release them again and again. I love to treat you with a coy smile as I make my boobs bounce up and down. I think you’ll be interested to see that my nipple are now very hard. I play with them through the soft fabric with my finger.

I keep playing, caressing, and cupping my boobs, but now I’m feeling a little wilder, bolder. My whole body is struck by a jolt of uncontrollable energy. I know you can see this in my eyes, just by the way I look at you. What happens when I get wild?

Caught Masturbating

I kneeled at the side of the bed as to make a prayer, but leaned forward on the bed to caress my ass. I can have a look in the mirror behind me and watch myself playing with my pussy. The view gets me even wetter. I slide my dildo inside my soaked pussy, and sigh lightly. My body is enjoying the rhythm at which I thrust it in and out. I moan a little louder each time I feel it go in, and at this pace, I know I am close to coming.

But I hear you come home, and that slows down the heat. I feel a bit embarrassed and perplexed as I didn’t expect you to come home this early! I suppose I could have tried to get dressed and pretend I wasn’t guilty of giving myself this wonderful carnal pleasure. But I thought it would be much more arousing to get caught masturbating by you…

When you enter the bedroom, you see me there, kneeling on the side of the bed with my bare ass reflecting in the mirror. I giggle out of nervousness because I don’t know how you will react to the scene you presented to you. You’re visibly a bit embarrassed, but you try to hide it by talking to me about mundane stuff. I see in your face, in your smile that if you had time, you would take that soaked pussy and give it a ride.

I’m eager to continue touching myself, especially now that you’ve caught me masturbating, my appetite is through the roof. As soon as you leave the room, I get back to business. I push my dildo in and out at a faster pace, using the base to rub my clitoris. It doesn’t take long before I feel the rush of the orgasm take over my body and it sends a river of bliss through my veins.

Fuck me From Behind

Lying on my belly on the side of the bed, wearing only my gorgeous white lingerie kit, I offer myself to you. Your strong hand caressing my butt, playing with my garter belt, sliding a finger on the side of my panty give you a beautiful erection.

With on hand holding on my shoulder, you use the other to grab your cock and tease my wet pussy with the tip. I moan softly out of anticipation for what’s to come.

As you slide fully inside me, I close my eyes and a smile engulf my face. Making love to me slowly at first, feeling every inch of my tight, my wet pussy as you push deep inside me.

With the view of my lovely ass hole, you want to give me even more but sliding your finger in. I love when you play with my ass and this brings me even closer to orgasm.

Grunting as loud as I dared, I came, wave after wave of pleasure breaking over me. This being too much for you, you cam shortly after, pouring your cum deep inside me.