On the Way to Murdochville

Gaspesia has such a diversity in its scenery. Mountains, valleys, beaches and the seaside are all part of the daily scene that people who live there can enjoy. It’s also a paradise for people like me who love off-road motorcycling, quad and snowmobile rides.

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

We used the forest roads to go to Murdochville by motorbike. Some roads were rough, with holes and big rocks. Some were smooth but were on loose slippery gravel and some were very easy to ride because the earth was firm.

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

Murdochville is a small mining town that looks more like a ghost town. It’s one of only a few inland communities in Gaspesia. Understandably, people prefer living by the sea…

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

They used to mine copper, but the price of the metal on the market became too low as opposed to the cost of mining it. They had to shut them down. That’s what the local dude told us 🙂

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

Remains of the mining days are still around for tourists to visit. There’s even a guided tour of the first mine.

Wild Sex in the Forest

I’m lucky because when I want to go into the forest, all I have to do is go into my backyard! Wild animals like deer, porcupines and maybe even bears live there.

I like to walk with my lover in the forest, I feel like a she-wolf, and I want him to fuck me. My wolf does not need to be asked twice; he unzips his shorts and gives me his already hard cock to taste.

I want him to enter my hot and wet pussy, so I present my behind to him. He quickly lifts my skirt and slides my g-string aside to slip his cock in my pussy and make me moan with pleasure.

He wants me to taste the flavour of my juices. I turn to suck him, but he grabs my hair with his strong hands to push his cock deeply into my throat. I’m so excited that I have to touch myself, caress my clitoris while he continues to thrust in my mouth and in my throat.

The desire to feel his hot cum rushing into me is stronger than anything. I turn again, he enthusiastically fills me, and his pelvic movements are intensely passionate, so much so that he ends up coming and giving me what I wanted: a pussy filled with tasty cream.

A small drop escapes…but before it falls and gets wasted, I collect it on my finger and decide to have my wolf get a taste of it. We can share after all!

68% on Rabbits Reviews

Rabbits Reviews helps you find the best website that fits your need and they have reviewed www.chloemorgane.com a few days ago.

Altho it may not seem like a very high rating, I feel it’s quite good for a website that was started only a few months ago.

And April says lovely things about my work which is quite flattering! Thank you for this honest and great review!

The review is here. You can leave a comment or rate my site if you want to. I’ll check your feedback regularly!

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Before I get Dressed for Dinner

Chloe Morgane / Camille Crimson - Penetration with Realistic Dildo
Before I got dressed for dinner, I thought I should definitely give myself personal time and satisfaction while my boyfriend was on the phone…

Being a Bad Girl on Bonaventure Island

Chloe Morgane / Camille Crimson - Naughty on Bonaventure Island
As you may know, I was in Gaspesia last week. Since I’ve never seen the Rocher Percé, we’ve decided to go. While we’ve been there, we went on the Bonaventure Island, found a spot away from prying eyes and did a couple of photos.

Naughty on the Bonaventure Island

My trip to Gaspe was extraordinary. One of the not to be missed attractions is the Percé Rock. A cruise of about an hour have us discover the Rock and the Bonaventure Island.

We decided to land on the island to see if we could find a place hidden from prying eyes where we could have a little fun while still having a stunning view of the Percé Rock.

Just after taking off my shoes, socks and pants a stranger came to the place we chose to do naughty things.

Nevertheless, I still had a few tasty licks of my lover’s cock, and then he had fun taking some shots of my ass and my cleavage.

Masturbating Before Dinner

I know it’s old fashion, but I like to dress properly for dinner. So as I was going to change, a spike of excitement took over my mind and my body as I removed my very short shorts, leaving me in my red and black polka dot undies and red cami. I sat on the bed, move my panties aside and lingered my fingers between my legs. Until I saw my dildo on the table.

A second later, that gorgeous realistic dildo was in my wet, juicy pussy giving me delightful sensations as I pulled it out and slide it back inside at good pace. Although I varied the speed, it was with enthusiasm that I thrust my dildo in and out, sometimes deeply, sometimes just a bit. It’s intensely erotic to feel the long shaft coming out and then back inside my pussy. I like to watch as it slides, this view brings me closer to orgasm.

Not all orgasms are created equal. When I stopped with the dildo inside me, that’s when it happened: my pussy contracted around the shaft and I had a silent orgasm. Nothing spectacular, but oh! so good in my body!

9 Days of Motorcycle Vacation in Gaspesia

I’m in love with this place. It’s like an untamed teritorry. In just a few days, I’ve seen more white-tailed deer, foxes and partridges that I did in my entire life.

The sea-side is gorgeous, it has nothing to do with the beaches of Miami, Mexico or Cuba, but it has nothing to envie them either. And sea-food is fresh and tasty!

Everybody knows everybody. People are happy to see each other, take time to chat and get to know how things are going for you and everyone you love.

As for riding my motorbike here, it’s a paradise. There are hundreds of trails, gravel and dirt roads…

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A Surprise for my Derriere

The surprise for my derriere had me very excited, especially when my beau had me consume it at the same time as his pretty tool.

The Kitchen is a Nice Place to Reach Orgasm

The kitchen has been the host of many dirty indulgences. On the counter, or behind it, on a chair or the table, it’s a place for all kinds of glutonery!

72 Glorious Updates Since I Started Over!

With two to three updates a week, it quickly adds up. I’m honoured to be able to offer you over 70 delightful video and photo updates! Your response to them has been amazing and I’m even more grateful that you are still here with me everyday that passes.

Thank you so, so much and I can’t wait to be able to offer you a hundred, which should be before the end of 2014!

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Sitting On You

Sitting on my man’s manhood and on his handsome face, I get to a place where I wish I could stay forever! This update is a bit more animal, it shows genuine passion between lovers.

G-Spot Powerful Stimulation

Ha…! The elusive G-spot. Well guess what? I found it! The sensations are completely different from those that accompany clitoral stimulation. It seems to me they are 100 times more intense. I still haven’t found the “switch” that will make me splash my juice all over the place, but I’m confident that with practice, I will.

G-Spot Dildo Stimulation

There is something sublime in stimulating the G-spot. The sensations are completely different from those that go with clitoral stimulation. It seems to me they are 100 times more intense.

Three times I find myself on the edge of climax and ejaculation. I know I can do it because my boyfriend already brought me there, I just can’t find the “switch”. With practice, I know I will!

Do You Love Watching a Woman Give Herself Satisfaction?

I’ve been featuring videos of me pleasuring myself almost every Tuesday and I’m wondering if you are enjoying watching those moment of bliss featuring yours truly.

I must say, I do relish those occasions. In my day to day life, I can have those moments of intimacy with myself quite often. Three times in a row isn’t a far stretch. I can use my hands or a toy, but I also fantasize about household objects…

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This week, you get two glorious updates!

Blowjob and Cumshot Compilation

Chloe Morgane / Camille Crimson - Blowjob and Cumshot Compilation

Nothing is more thrilling for me than to hear my man orgasm, to feel him quiver and taste his cream. I guess that’s why a blowjob and cumshot compilation is so appealing!

Pink Juicy Pussy Orgasming in the Late Afternoon Light

Chloe Morgane / Camille Crimson - Juicy Pussy and a Dildo

It was about 5pm. The late evening light danced on my body. It felt right to unbutton to reveal my flower. She needed caresses to open up and soon, she got wet and ready to be filled with my rubber toy