Your Finger Feels so Good Inside my Tight Derriere

After you came inside me, you took good care of cleaning me up. Your soft touch on my wetness and between my derriere’s cheek were enough to start me again. With your index finger aligned with my hole, the slight move of my derriere towards it let it slide inside. I move and I touch myself until I come, again. You’re happy now and go take a shower, but I’m still worked up. So I get down to business, again while I play in my head the scene that just happened until I come, for the third time.

I Want You

I’m always amazed at how you can softly caress my body with those powerful, beautiful strong hands. Those sensual caresses arouse us. I open up my legs to you and you continue to caress my body, rubbing my pussy through my satin panties. You push my panties aside to be able to feel my hot pussy on your finger tips. You slide them inside, slowly at first, then faster and faster as you hear my moans. I want you. I want your cock inside me. I want you to make love to me and I want us to come hard and strong together.

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Finding my G-Spot

I play with my toy, lubricating it and adoring its curvy shape. I know what it does inside me. The anticipation is great and my finger wander already inside me to warm up my g-spot. I spread my legs to give myself a better view of my toy getting in and out.

With the g-spot, there’s no going soft and slow. With that in mind, I easily make myself come. It’s a strong and intense orgasm. I have to take a short break, but still want the other kind of orgasm. I know my body and work it until I come a second time.

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