Glorious Sex and Facial

You slid the small metal tab down to unzip your jeans and they dropped down on the floor revealing your beautiful cock. You put it in my mouth and I start to lick, suck and deep throat it. My pussy tighten with desire and I let out a sigh when I felt you fingers slide down along my ass and along my wet slit.

I eagerly look at you while you move behind me. Add saliva so you could rub my clit and slip up to my anus, rolling your fingers around, making my pussy even more wet as you teased me mercilessly. Ripples of excitement travels through my body as you slide inside my wet pussy, going in and and out, fucking me hard right from the start.

Before the pleasure became overwhelming, you stopped, wanting to feel my mouth and let me taste my juices. I gasped with pleasure as you began fingering my pussy. Your fingers continued to mimic the motion you were doing earlier while fucking me.

I was so ready to be taken again, for you to plunge your hard cock deep inside me and thrust it in, over and over until I can’t take any more. But you had other plans and asked me where I’ve put the black dildo.Intrigued, I wait for you.

You hand me the dildo and I slide it inside my tight pussy. You want to get your cock inside as well but two is to much for my tight pussy. So you remove the dildo and continue to fuck me instead. You don’t let the dildo do nothing for to long and simply put it in my mouth. And then you finger me, stimulating my g-spot bringing us so close to orgasm. I use the dildo, you get in front of me, and almost immediately cum on my face in a beautiful facial.

Still Stuck with the Plate and Screws

Oh noooo! I’m so disappointed! The hospital made a mistake and I couldn’t have my surgery today. I’ll be stuck with the plate and screws for a little while longer until they reschedule.

Still, I want to thank you all for the good luck wishes and all the lovely things you hoped for me for that surgery.

On a bright side, it means I can go to the Motorcycle Show this Friday! I’m looking to buy a small (110 to 250 cc) 4 stroke motocross and this is the place to check them out and ask all my questions. Best of all, I’ll meet all my motorcycle friends there!

Secretly Naughty

Sitting in the antic chair alone in the living room, my legs up on the wooden arm of the chair, I braid my hair. I’m wearing my strapless orange dress and purple cotton string. My hand wander and start caressing my pussy over my panties, then under to feel its warmth and tease my clitoris. Going over my panties again, I instinctively start rolling my bud.

Pushing my panties aside, my fingers sliding up and down, slightly going in my opening. I take a bit of saliva, rub it on my pussy as my juices were now all on my panties. Pinching my inner lips and my clitoris with my index and middle finger, sliding them and varying the pressure, I moan and lean my head backwards with delight.

Rubbing and rolling my clitoris, inserting two fingers, thrusting, coming out and rubbing my clitoris again, I gasp as the pleasure overtakes me. Going back in my pussy, but this time with three fingers, I’m thrusting and using the palm of my hand to stimulate my clitoris.

I feel my body is going beyond my control and wants to climax. I cross my legs, move my hips up and down and feel the orgasm through my whole body and mind, and deep down, I felt secretly naughty.

Saying Goodbye to my Plate and Screws

This Wednesday, Feb. 25th, I’m going to have surgery to remove my plate and 11 screws from my left leg. I’m excited because I know the pain I feel every day will go away.

It means I might be able to run again. It means I’ll be able to jump without feeling as if the screws want to come out of my bone. Dancing? You bet! And ho! That will feel so good!

And then, I looked a my x-rays. For a split second, I didn’t want the screws and the plate out. They’re mine. They’re part of me and they are who I am. It’s almost as if I’d be incomplete without them.

But that feeling lasted only for a split second…