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This is just a quick and friendly reminder that you have until May 31, 2015 to enjoy the 20% membership discount. Here’s the link if you couldn’t get it last time:

I also wanted to thank you for responding to my last email with the question “is my work meaningful” and “what could I do to make it even more meaningful“. You rock!!!

Chloe xox

My Pussy’s Decadent Desires

The softness of the carpet on my skin, the way my body jolted to life in anticipation of the pleasure to come, all of this made my heart race. I took my beautiful dildo to my mouth, kissed it, licked it, sucked it. As I closed my eyes, I push the dildo in and out as if my mouth was fucked by a real cock. It send sparks of desire down my spine. My hand went down and stroked my pussy gently through my silky white panties. Oh, it was so good, but it seems, I always want more. My hand slipped under my panties to caress my soft, wet and plump clitoris.

I did last long, my impatience had me remove my panties in a hurry. I grabbed my lubricant and pour a little between my folds. The cold liquid surprised me and made me smile. My fingers spread the wetness from my pussy mixing it to the lubricant making my pussy slick and slippery. I pushed my fingers in and my whole body started to crave the sensation of being filled. So I grasped my big, beautiful pink dildo and rubbed it against my swollen pussy. I like the pressure on it.

I slowed my breathing down until I finally fit the dildo into my tight opening. It is huge, but it fills me so perfectly. All of my nerves sang with pleasure. My mouth hung open, it felt amazing. I was beyond wet and lost myself in the perfect dance with my dildo, rocking my hips up and down. The long and deep strokes continually filling me, each time somehow taking me closer to the edge. My body pulsed from head to toe as I increased the rhythm, hungry to get it even deeper.

My pussy’s decadent desires always lead me to powerful orgasm, leaving me feeling engorged, satiated and deliriously happy.


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Is my Work Meaningful?

Is my work meaningful? I’ve been asking this question for a while now.

Of course, when you send me messages saying that I’ve helped you in some way or that you love my work because it’s different from everyone else’s out there, it helps me believe that my work is in fact meaningful.

What would you suggest that would make my work more meaningful?

PS: You have until May 31, 2015 to enjoy the 20% membership discount. Here’s the link if you couldn’t get it last time:

Sultry Eager Pussy

I felt a warm tingle between my legs as the ribbon of my dentelle nighty teased my clitoris. Holding my bottle of water based lubricant in one hand, flickering the knot of the ribbon on my clitoris and my leg spread as wide as can be, my skin quivered as I knew I was in for an other treat from my new purple toy. The tingle shooting through my pussy was my body’s reaction to how much it turned me on.

I poured the luscious liquid directly on my plump pink pussy and my fingers grazed on my tender lips, stopping the lubricant from gliding down on the cushion. Slowly, I traced circles around my swelling clitoris who echoed my arousal. I closed my eyes and sucked on that beautiful didlo. My mind wandered, igniting my deepest sexual desires. Guiding it up over my small opening, sliding it between my wet folds, the anticipation sent chills across my skin to the depths of my warm and moist pussy.

I was ready and open to receive the toy inside me. I gripped it and pushed it half way in. In and out, digging it deep into my pussy. I pulled it out completely revealing my opened pussy and pushed it back in, faster. I groaned in ecstasy as the balls of the dildo stimulated my clitoris. I was soaking with pleasure, my juices dripping down between my butt cheeks. A carnal groan escaped my lips as I thrusted the dildo inside me, deeper, pumping hard and fast as my swollen pussy throbbed filling me with a flowing river of pleasure.

Watch me And End This With a Creampie

I wanted to be devoured and he looked like he wanted to devour me. But instead, he stood there, staring a me, staring at my ass and getting a bulge inside his bermudas from watching my fingers tease my pussy. It was as if the world stopped. Time ceased to exist. My body ached for him. I reach for my new toy, a textured purple dildo that I got from Amazon, and pushed it inside to try to tame the desire I felt for him. It was like an explosion detonating right at my core, felling the toy inside fuelled my hunger.

And then he came to me. Caressing my butt cheek, spreading them to get a delightful view of my little ass hole, teasing it with his index finger. As he pushed my dildo deeper and taped on the edge, the deep, rough, but gentle vibrations were like an exquisite shock of electric desire tingling between my legs. He went on, teasing me like this, then dropped his bermudas to the floor. The sound of it falling of his skin to the floor made every fiber of my being tense with anticipation. My heart was racing like the heart of a school girl who sees her crush coming her way. I wanted him.

When he touched me with his hard cock, I felt shivers down my spin and when he finally pushed himself inside me, an intense euphoric high took control over my mind. He fucked me exactly the way I wanted, but somehow, he wanted to make me languish. He pulled out and removed my beautiful blue string. That’s when I thought he would give it to me, but no. He climbed on the coffee table and made me suck his hard throbbing cock. Would that be all he’d give me today?

As he got down from the coffee table, I sketched a smile thinking this time would be it. I was wrong again. He wanted to watch me again, so he laid down on the sofa and played with himself. I guess he relished the view of my fingers pleasuring my clitoris and the pretty purple dildo moving inside of me, in and out, in and out. I focus on the pleasure, but can’t help to peak at him. Seeing him masturbating while he watch me almost makes me come.

Oh! I want him to fuck me. As if you heard my thought, he gets up from the sofa and starts teasing my ass, going close enough and pushing so slightly that I feel my little hole open to let him in. But that’s not what’s in store for me. I grab his cock and start to pump him. He’s either going to come on my butt or he’ll succumb and fill my pussy with his cum. He grunted and finally gave me what I wanted. He fucked me so hard that I got lost. Lost in this moment and in these wonderful sensations. My eyes closed tightly and pleasure took its place, so abundant that I wanted it there forever. I let go after him teasing senseless and holding me hostage to my desires, allowing the world’s greatest pleasure to roll through me.

Sharing a WOW! Book

You know how much I love reading… There’s loads of knowledge and wealth in one single book, sometimes I wonder how come they sell for so cheap compared to let’s say, clothing. Yes, we need clothes to protect us from the elements, but it’s not like they bring us any value aside from looking good or hiding the parts of our bodies that society think is less gracious…

Yesterday, I was browsing TED talks and listened to Dr Carol Dweck who’s research explains that it’s not just our talents, intelligence or abilities that bring us success, but our fixed or growth mindset.

I wanted to know more about how I could grow my brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems so I bought her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

Do you believe you are a certain kind of person, and there’s not much you can do to change that or on the oposite, you can always change substantially the kind of person you are?

Chloe xox

PS: You have until May 31, 2015 to enjoy the 20% membership discount. Here’s the link if you couldn’t get it last time:

Fingering my Wet Pussy

Lying on my belly, I craved touching my pussy, fingering myself to orgasm. My mind, the most sensitive part of my body, sparked thrills of naughty desires up my spine. My entire body was on full alert and my brain screamed this is going to be so good, my body let go to the caresses of my agile fingers.

I opened to them, suppressing a moan as they swirled against my clitoris in ever tighter circles until they pushed inside me. My body melted against the bed, and my hands glided down, reaching my ass, spreading my cheeks as if I had an audience who needed to see.

My legs trembled. A sharp jolt of electric hunger shook my entire body into crying out my building pleasure. My hips undulated in concert with my fingers going in and out of my wet pussy. The vibrations my other hand made against my clitoris radiated to my breasts and the sensations coursing through my body were too much. When the orgasm hit me, I arched and pushed my fingers as deep as I could, feeling the pulse of ecstasy around them.

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Morning Wood Blowjob

You love to eat my pussy in the morning and I love to suck your hard morning wood. You run your fingers along my sensitive spot, and then plunge two inside me. Panting from the pleasure you were giving me, I stop blowing you, using my hands instead.

But you taste so good I want to stick your glistering cock back in my mouth, and suck you harder and deeper. The sensation of being filled is so satisfying I moaned with relief.

I grinned and groaned in pleasure from hearing you lick and suck on my clitoris. Your head buried between my legs, your hands running on my hips, the sensations causing slick, hot, heat waves between my legs that ached for more.

Pushing into my mouth and feeling you up to the sensitive flesh of my throat sent another jolt of electricity straight to my pussy. My muscles are winding up in anticipation of your coming release. The build up is delicious, our bodies tightening and rising as we both work to complete and utter satisfaction.

Nice Weather!

I want to go outside and enjoy the nice weather we’ve been waiting for so long! I hope you’re enjoying it too… What’s you’re favourite thing to do when the weather is awesome?

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Insatiable Pussy

My dildo is long and thick, pink and perfect. Just the right size and it was there, inviting me to suck on it, feeling it deep in my throat. I licked its tip, leaving a bit of saliva in anticipation for what was to come.

I got up and positioned myself to play with the dildo on my pussy, but I felt this irresistible desire to push it inside me.I slowly sat on it, letting it glide inside my wet pussy feeling its girth stretch me slightly. A thousand sensations overwhelmed me, taking my breath away.

I started teasing myself with slow, long strokes. In and out. Each one making me gasp with pleasure until I decided to sit completely on the dildo and bury most of it deep inside. I shuddered and moaned. I was alone, I could moan as loud as I wanted.

I sat down on my dildo as far as I could, teasing my bud, and all hell broke loose. I went from wet to absolutely soaking. With one hand on the base of my dildo, sometimes cupping my breast, sometimes rolling my clitoris, there were so many sensations, so much felt so good, I completely lost myself to everything.

I was flying high, never wanted to stop feeling like this. A wonderful warmth bloomed inside me, I started to pulse to a powerful orgasm. I savoured the dildo inside me, moaning in pleasure, letting myself drift into oblivion.