Chloe Morgane - Orgasm, G-Spot Orgasm, But no Squirting

Orgasm, G-Spot Orgasm, But no Squirting

I’ve tried to reproduce my squirting experience from a few months ago. It seems there’s no formula that I can use to make it work every time. I feel like giving up, but I enjoy the feeling of a g-spot orgasm so I might as well just continue practicing!

Duration: 05:55 Min.

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4 thoughts on “Orgasm, G-Spot Orgasm, But no Squirting”

  1. Keep on trying – if at first you don’t succeed, try,try & try again! But don’t put yourself under pressure and I’m sure it will happen again for you.

    Good luck, enjoy yourself! x

  2. My partner figured it out at age 60 by totally relaxing and not worrying about wetting the bed (two layers of towels helped). Not easy to do what you do when you have to think about camera angles, lighting, audio, timing, etc, etc, etc.

    1. That’s a good idea… I’ll add towels, thank you! And indeed, it’s not easy to be totally there. On of the time I was able to squirt was when I didn’t expect anything to happen, but it did! Thank you for your helpful comment!

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