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Facebook’s Purpose

Last week-end, I have un-liked all pages on my personal Facebook. The purpose of my Facebook is to know what my friends are up to.

But I find that every time I went on Facebook, I spent more time viewing and reading posts from the pages that I liked instead of taking time to read the statuses of my friends and comment on them.

I want to decide what to do with my time. I want to decide what to read, and when to read it. Facebook, with all the pages that I liked, didn’t allow for this. Instead, it fed me information that I didn’t really want to know about at this time.

I know I’m the one who chose the pages that I liked, but some of those pages didn’t even show up on my timeline. So Facebook took control of what I would read and what would interest me, and that’s not how I want to use technology.

It felt a bit like watching a T V program and having to switch channels because of the ads. Or sometimes it just felt like having to painfully watch the ads.

This process was sucking up my time. Sucking up time that I wanted to use to find out what my friends were up to, which is the reason and the purpose why I signed up for Facebook initially.

I’m not saying everybody should un-like all pages from their Facebook, but if you find yourself spending too much time there, it might not be because of your friends statuses, it might be because you’re distracted from your true purpose, the real reason you use Facebook in the first place.

Will you un-like pages for your Facebook (even mine ^.^) or will you keep things as they are?

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Love, Chloe xox

P.S.: This is my 100th newsletter edition… just saying (or maybe blowing my horn, Hehe :P)!

4 thoughts on “Facebook’s Purpose”

  1. Dear, you could’ve just un-followed the liked pages instead of getting rid of them altogether. The point of FB is not just checking what your friends are up to, but seeing what they’re fond of, what they’re interested in, perhaps you might find something about them that would’ve never came up naturally, and this might end up in lots of new interesting conversations. But still, that’s a very lovely way of thinking that you described and thanks for sharing that. Lots of love!

  2. I deleted my Facebook account when I began to realize it’s true purpose was to data mine my brain and sell the nuggets to the ravenous retailer hoards.

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