Moderation is a Synonym of Fear

There’s an expression in French that says Moderation Tastes Better. In English, it’s Everything in Moderation. I might agree for those few things that kill people, like high speed, alcohol, and drugs. I’d have to think that through…

Moderation is Mediocrity

For everything else, moderation is a synonym of mediocrity and fear, and it’s boring. Athletes do not train moderately. Your favourite musician or band don’t practice their music moderately either.

For my part, I don’t want to eat certain bad foods in moderation; they make me ill. And I certainly don’t want to love in moderation!

So why would we live in moderation then?

A Flawed Idea

I think it’s an idea we like because it refers to the concept of balance – which is also a flawed idea, but I’ll explore this idea of balance another day.

I prefer the whole or nothing approach, with excess and extreme actions. That’s how you make¬†your dreams come true, that’s how you can live with passion! Even Master Yoda said it in his own words:

Do or don’t do, there is no try.


Fishnet Bodystocking

In my latest update, I’m wearing a full fishnet Bodystocking. Although have worn it when giving BJs, I never stopped at the sensation it was leaving on my body. Wearing a fishnet Bodystocking is like being nude, but the sensual garment adds a touch of je n’sais quoi to the experience.

When I watch the video later, I realized how sexy, seductive, and alluring this lingerie piece is. It makes the skin look even softer, and the body is but a fluid line drawn by an artist’s hand. Few lingerie pieces had me feel so perfectly comfortable in my own skin.

How do you like the fishnet Bodystocking in my latest video?

Art of the 69 Blowjob

There’s an art to the 69 blowjob. Red lips around your cock, beautiful white and pure lingerie, and you, kissing, licking, and eating my pussy.

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