RIP MacBook Pro

I hadn’t encountered the ‪#‎blackScreenOfDeath‬ in many years, but Wednesday, I fried the USB port on my MacBook Pro. I’m always charged with static electricity, and I dzzz it.

A few years ago, my boyfriend spilled water on the keyboard, so there’s also damage to the screen and parts inside. Repair would have cost around 2300$… 😱 It served for three and a half beautiful years (I bought it back in January 2013).

An old computer is like old slippers. I think that the Cloud is such a wonderful thing to keep our basic and not so private information in. My new MacBook Pro almost feels like home and the transition is much less tedious compared to what it use to be when you had to change computers before the Cloud.

It’s also a nice opportunity to do a clean up of old files. Start fresh. But it also waists a lot of time. I find it a very stressful change even if I know it’ll be over in a few days. I hope this Mac will last longer then the previous one, and yes… I’ll be careful with water spills and static shocks!!!

I will use the old MacBook Pro as the family computer. It’s not reliable anymore to use as a working station, and it runs only an old version of OSX.

Anyone has a good story with the Black/Blue Screen of Death? 🙂

Energy Levels and Doing Things Faster

I’m an introvert, and I do things at a slow pace. It’s my default nature to conserve my energy. I usually don’t do small talk, I speak only when it’s important, or when a subject is a passion of mine. I dress and undress slowly, which is not a problem because it’s sensual. I’m very organized so I waste no energy looking for my things.

In the long run, this way of being led me to feel tired all the time. Because I constantly thought about ways to conserve my vitality, my brain switched to a thought process that lead to low energy. What ever the time of day, my batteries would always be low. Or so I thought!

Deciding to Have More Energy

Recently, I went to visit my son in Ireland. I decided– and this is the key word– I wanted to have drive to enjoy every second of my trip, and time with my son. I understood that it was my thoughts that were making me feel tired all the time.

The mind has such a powerful mechanisms, and by feeding it positive thoughts about my energy, I’ve been able to maintain a fairly nice level of stamina ever since I came back from my trip.

All those things that usually drain my energy, that I don’t really enjoy doing, I try to do them as fast as possible. Instead of draining my fire, I use these tasks– that need to be done regardless– to boost my spirit to enjoy the more fun, and engaging activities I want to use my time for.

Have you noticed, recently, how your thoughts affect how you feel?

Blog Comments and Your Interests

Your Wonderful Comments

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Replying with your comments to the email I send you every week here is a great way to keep the conversation going with you.  This way, I don’t feel discouraged by all the emails flooding my inbox after each email I send out. It might just be something going on between my ears, but I find it encouraging to see all your comments on my blog!

Your Interests

Speaking of blogging, I’d love to know what interests you. If that works, I would do research, and blog about the subjects that matters most to you. I’m very versatile, and love to learn about new topics. There are things that I enjoy more than others tho. Anything about personal development, dual-sport motorcycles and trials, cooking, the primal/paleo lifestyle, and of course sex and blowjobs are in my cords!

Good Morning!

I love mornings. I wake-up excited, between 5:30 and 7:15. They have the promise of adventures, challenges, beauty, and love. As I make my bed, I think of all the things that are a blessing to me in my life. It starts my day the right way!

I don’t have to wake-up early, but there’s so much to do, so much to be, that if I get lazy, and stay in bed late (8:30), I feel like that day has been somehow wasted. I know I shouldn’t view it that way because there are still plenty of hours to do, and be.

Are you a morning person or you’re more like a night owl?