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Blog Comments and Your Interests

Your Wonderful Comments

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Replying with your comments to the email I send you every week here is a great way to keep the conversation going with you.  This way, I don’t feel discouraged by all the emails flooding my inbox after each email I send out. It might just be something going on between my ears, but I find it encouraging to see all your comments on my blog!

Your Interests

Speaking of blogging, I’d love to know what interests you. If that works, I would do research, and blog about the subjects that matters most to you. I’m very versatile, and love to learn about new topics. There are things that I enjoy more than others tho. Anything about personal development, dual-sport motorcycles and trials, cooking, the primal/paleo lifestyle, and of course sex and blowjobs are in my cords!

48 thoughts on “Blog Comments and Your Interests”

  1. Aww thansk so much Chloe! its greta keeping in touch with you, as for my interests,, Hmmm i a bit of a Gamer (PC mainly), also a bit of a History Buff (particuraly Ancient Egypt) and im very interested in motorcycles too (VERY interested actualy)

  2. Your Emails are actually a delight to read. Thank you for sending those. As for interests…well, as you’ve probably discovered vya twitter (t_elfster), I’m a Pagan Druid….like you, I enjoy being outdoors…hiking, exploring, camping, sitting by a night fire. I’m a baseball fanatic (Go Reds! Go Blue Jays!), and am a member of SABR (Baseball metrics and analytics). At my job, I spend a lot of time working with data (been in Information Technology in one form or another since 1986), so I actually work at something that I enjoy (statistics and metrics). Learning to play guitar and bass… Keep posting stuff here on the blog – I blog as well (about my Pagan Path) – and its always lots of fun getting to know someone from their writings. Keep smiling too…its a gorgeous smile and literally lights up my day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a part of who you are Chloe… –Tommy

  3. Hello dear lady of all blossoming seasons,

    Not counting that in addition to facilitate your reading, it drives trafic towards your blog/web site and that’s always a good thing for many reasons! Just saying 😉

    As for interests, Je crois que vous en connaissez déjà quelques-un haha ;). J’aime bien les voitures, aux belles courbes et tempérament qui se laisse caresser dans les courbes et les sensations fortes. Pas très loin de votre amour pour la moto finalement. L’écriture, la musique. La photo qui est plus dans ce cas-ci comme vous savez.

    Mais tout intérêt se perd
    Comme un oasis dans un désert
    À la simple vue de précieuses pierres
    Aux couleurs de l’espoir, ce brillant vert
    Dans un croissant de lune d’hiver
    Cette peau en plaisirs offerts
    Le vide se faire
    Dans mon éveillé univers
    Ne cachez votre satin pour plaire
    Car matinées subirait un revers
    Pour votre beauté non éphèmère
    Je ne saurais me taire
    Et éteindre votre flamme serait enfer
    Demeurez la belle et personne entière

    Merci à vous d’être QUI vous êtes et non seulement CE que vous êtes, car une personne entière et sincère vous êtes. Une fleur de feu, un oiseau de rosée, une rivière de nuages, une forêt de découvertes.

    Bonne journée délicat croissant du matin

    1. Je n’avais pas vu ça de cette façon, mais c’est un bon point ^.^ Merci pour tes suggestions et pour tes mots magnifiques, tu es vraiment un artiste!

      “Délicat croissant du matin” – J’adore!!! xx

  4. Interest me the most. Well there’s a some subjects that I’m interested in. Martial arts , boxing , Taekwondo , Brazilian jujitsu , pourkor , sticks , weapons , sword fighting. for films, movies. All of these subjects right now I’m training for. I do know some professional stunt double who did daredevil, a double for Chris Evans in captain America , all those movies. I’m just getting myself out there. Tough part is being out there.

    But besides that I’m interested on your website. Very beautiful website. I enjoy your pics on it. Omg lol. Also of course getting to you as a friend. Oh yeah I’m also into video games assassins creed the most. 🙂

    1. Keep getting out there… consistency is key in any endeavour.
      I enjoy watching Mix Martial Arts. Fascinating. I’d love to train in MMA, but not do the fights lol

      Thank you for your compliment on my website!!

      1. Thank you and yeah I’m trying to get out there. :-). Mma is a good to get into. You’ll be in really good shape. I go to the UFC gym all the time their classes you burn over 300 calories in an hour. I’m even training with a professional UFC fighter also a professional martial artist who’s now 8 -0 on fights. I thought about fighting then I rather be in films do stunts. Professional fighters don’t fight that much. 4 times a year.

        1. Wow! Who are you training with? I became fan of GSP (who isn’t) after my surgery. I thought, “If he can train hard and still fight after his knee surgeries, I should be able to come back a least as good as I was before.”

          Is there a lot of jumping in MMA training? I’m forbidden to do anything that has high impact on the knees.

          1. It depends some jump and some don’t. For you start slow and work your way up. I was thinking about taking a trip out to Canada. If you like I can give you some lessons. 🙂 The guys names are Mike perry he fights in professional fights and not yet in UFC but he’s now 8-0 I think. Another guy his name is Alex Nicholson he just signed with UFC not too long ago. He’s fighting in July.

  5. My interests are fishing and motorbiking solely. They both take up so much of my time, that I can’t do anything else! :-O

  6. Okay, Chloe….i absolutely ADORE you!!! And as far as my interests are concerned : I have been playing guitar for around 23 years, and I still love playing it!! Which I guess now is as good time as any to ask you if you have ever heard anything from my favorite band ever (Tool)? I’m a divorced man now just trying to find his place in this world!! And I’m also a dad to a wonderful little girl!!! And I too love to read about you and what you have to say in your blogs!!

    1. Thank you!!
      Guitar is a lot of fun! Yes, I did listen to Tool in the 90’s and liked them a lot 🙂

  7. I like lots of things, different kind of art like different types of martial arts or poetry. Then live shows with rock or (better) post rock music. And I like to read into people…at least I try

    1. How strange my mind links martial arts and poetry as two things that go hand in hand.
      Thanks for your suggestion!

      1. The art come from your soul, with the experience you can change the form of expression always showing the same soul both in martial arts and poetry, or even in all other forms of art like the one you master so good…

  8. Hello from shiny Athens in Greece. Interest !!restoration and customazing motorcycle. I remember you like a ride enduro moto! Have a nice weekend chloe. Always be a safe. And always wear a helmet!!!!

    1. A lovely place to live! Indeed, I still ride my dual-bike moto 🙂
      Have a nice week-end too!
      C xx

  9. Hi Chloe, my interest is art, theater, and reading. Sounds a bit boring but those things relax me after a strenuous am day at work. Hope you are having a good day. Take care! Love your blog!

    1. Not boring at all! I love art, and reading is one of my favourite thing to do! I can spend 3 hours reading, non stop– when I can.

  10. Years ago u did wild weekend..with u and another cutie giving ur man a BJ
    Since then u have done a few others like that one.
    Any more planned?
    It is the ultimate male fantasy!!
    Have a great day

  11. Hi Chloe,

    I like to travel, so I enjoy the photos and videos that you have when you are on vacation and when you show what life in your part of Canada is like.

    I also, of course, enjoy BJs and facials.


  12. I enjoy blues music and visiting different music venues up and down the delta along the Mississippi river from Memphis TN, Clarksdale MS, all the way down to Baton Rouge LA and New Orleans LA. Enjoying all the diverse people, food and culture along with the intimacy with my partner. There is something to be said about making love while away from home.

  13. How I look forward to your weekly blogs, Chloe. It is so good to keep in contact in this way. When I was young people used to write letters to one another,but the impact of emails & texting has been to cause this art to become all but extinct.Your efforts though is stimulating many of your followers in many topics.I congratulate you!

    “The best things in life are free”. I love listening to the birds singing,to the sound of the sea and to watching the stars at night where there is no light pollution.I am passionate that we should all be aware that our environment is changing, in an adverse way and that we must all try to protect our planet for the sake of our children.

    I am interested in history, art and enjoy a good read and love an eclectic mix of music. I am 25 years older than you so my favorite period of music goes back to the heady days of the mid/late 60’s to early 70’s (two of your compatriots spring to mind, Neil Young and the wonderful Joanie Mitchell).I enjoy hiking in the Peak District National Park in the UK which is a beautiful area, although compared to Canada it will, I guess, be fairly ordinary.

    My most recent past time (of 7 weeks) is that of looking after my 1st grandchild who was born at the end of March. He is a joy!

    My favorite food is Italian or fresh fish but would be interested in your diet and how you manage to keep in such good shape.

    You radiate beauty, Chloe, from both within as well as externally. You are a shining light!

    Its time I “hit the sack” so goodnight, sleep well and sweet dreams.

    Embrace yourself

    1. First, thank you for following my blog and for the compliments!
      You speak of the way people used to write letters to each other and it brings nostalgia from a time when I used to write to my grandfather who lived in France (my mom is French from the North of France).
      I agree that most best things in life are free ^.^ A kiss, a breeze on your skin, birds signing and star gazing!

      1. Shucks! I forget to mention the Kiss – we are so lucky to possess the senses of touch, smell,sight, hearing & taste.Imagine what life and sex would be like without these?

        Is your mum from Normandy and do you get your red hair from your mom? She has brought up her daughter to be a wonderful person.

        Big hugs

        1. Indeed!

          My mom is from Nord Pas de Calais. None of my parent have red hair, but my dad has freckles. Go figure!

          1. Who knows? I hope you don’t mind me asking questions about your family.Let me know if it’s a problem.

            Enjoy you’re weekend 🙂

  14. Communing with nature at such a deep level that the vibration of all living elements surrounding me marinate my senses and my soul, replenishes me. Yet when guiding the prow of my Harley to slice the particles before me, every thump of a piston kisses each of my cells right down to the marrow. Thus I embrace and marry the music of life. Thank you for kissing my sense of sight, as yet one more of life’s gifts.

  15. I love anything outdoors. I try to be outside every second the weather permits, I love just going to a park and sitting with my thoughts. Animals too, Savannah cats and dogs. our Newfoundlands came from Italy! Do you have any pets or ever hear of Savannah cats?! On a side note thank you for your powerful way of opening up on the importance of being in touch with yourself and sexuality, huge fan.

    1. We belong outside, in nature, that’s why we feel so good when we’re out there!
      I did see a few videos about those beautiful cats, but never seen one with my own eyes.
      And yes, I have a dog. It’s a German Shepherd with long hair.

      I’m happy and very grateful you’re fan, thank you!

  16. General interests include online privacy, yoga, and of course blowjobs :). More recently I’ve gotten into making good coffee (single origin beans and that kind of thing), and I remember from one of your old films you had an espresso machine at home (might have been at your old place, not sure). Do you still have it? What kind is it? And I might as well ask: if your partner also drinks coffee, does that affect BJ’s and is it good or bad?

    As always, you are wonderful 🙂

    1. Three things I enjoy as well! I still have the espresso coffee machine, but not using it anymore. I now use a french press, because I enjoy a lighter coffee in the morning.

      Yes my boyfriend drinks coffee (decaf). I don’t see any difference from a time he used to not doing coffee.

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