And the Winner is…

Last week, there was a contest to win a membership to my site where you had to RT one of my tweets on Twitter, or share one of my posts on Facebook, and post which one you did on my blog.

To make the draw fair, I’ve entered all participants who followed the rules into a table in MySQL, and let it work its magic by returning a RANDOM row from the participants column.

Lucius is the lucky winner of the free one month membership to my site Here’s his comment:

Just retweeted “Happy messy hair #GingerThursday!!”…
Have a great day, Wonder Woman! 😍

How lovely!

Thanks everyone for making this contest so much fun ^.^

Do you have ideas for future contests?

How to Win a Membership

It’s been six months already since I did a draw for a one month membership. My previous formula worked wonderfully, so I’ll use it again, with a few little changes.

To enter to win a one month membership, here’s what you need to do:

  • Either like my Facebook page and share one of my posts, any post, or
  • Follow me on Twitter and retweet one of my tweets, any tweet.

Once you’ve done that, comment on this blog post to tell me which post, and from which platform you’ve shared so I can find it. That’s it!

You have until midnight on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 (Montreal – EDT) to participate.

Next Thursday, June 30th, 2016, I’ll make a draw to pick the winner, and send him/her a login to!

Good luck!

The Kiss of Serenity

Serenity is the antonym of anxiety. It’s a state of peacefulness, where the mind and the body are untroubled. If you’ve ever experienced serenity, you know how good it feels, and I bet you’d like to get in this state much more often.

If we look at what causes anxiety most of the time, we might be able to reverse engineer it, and feel the bliss of serenity instead. When we’re anxious, it’s because we’re out of control, we’re disorganized, we’re not prepared, and we’re not taking action.

The Goal is Serenity

From my experience, I know that when I’m anxious, it’s already too late. There are techniques that can ease the anxiety– breathing, meditating, focus on the task at hand –but the goal is serenity, not to feel less anxious.

To take control of our lives, our projects, or our work, we might need to get more things on auto-pilot. That’s where habits come in handy. Good, strong habits free up you mind to let you make better decisions.

Everybody has habits. If someone says they don’t, they simply don’t realize that they have a routine. Instead of creating the habits they want for a better life, they’re letting themselves be ruled by whatever good or bad habits that would form naturally.

Getting organized is so much easier with habits. When everything is in order, and has a structure, it facilitates our lives. No more searching of your keys. No more buying stuff you already have, but have no clue where it might be hidden. No more stress because you think you’ve lost that super important report you must present in five minutes.

Being prepared for an interview, for an exam, or for a big event frees us to deal with the unexpected with all our grace. It gives us the opportunity to show our real values and character strengths. Our mind is calm, and it can deal with anything anyone throws at it.

Actions can create habits. Actions can make you feel in control. Actions are what separate successes from failures. You already know that the tiniest actions can create a giant snowball. You’ll be hard to stop once you start moving.

Have you lost your keys, your important report, and felt so anxious you started shaking from the inside? And on the contrary, have you done it so gracefully that you felt the kiss of serenity on your forehead?


The Joy of Being an Autodidact

Growth is high on my list of values, that’s why I’m an autodidact. If you’ve never done a list of your values, I suggest you take three minutes, and try it now. Writing, seeing, and re-reading your values brings clarity to your daily actions. It gives you a clear path to follow, and often prevents you from doing things that would feel wrong.

Because growing is a high priority value to me, I feel compelled to do every single day. In the Internet age, where endless knowledge is available to all, the autodidact is right in her comfort zone.

Consuming Information vs Learning

There’s a big difference between consuming information and learning. Consuming information is the same as eating a big Mac trio. You eat it, digest it, feel something– mostly disgust–, and forget about it. It just fills a void in your life, or your stomach.

Learning engages your brain, and sometimes your body. It’s taking an idea from someone else, dissecting it, testing it, using it, applying it, changing it so it works better, and sharing it back to the world. Your improved idea is now ready to receive the same fate you made it endure.

Fear is the Path to the Dark Side

There’s tremendous joy in being a self-taught person, but the joy might just stay at level one or two if the ideas are not shared with people. I’ve been doing the taking, dissecting, testing, using, applying, and changing, but not the sharing of ideas, which prevented joy to reach higher levels.

Out of fear of people’s reaction to my “outrageous” ideas, I’ve been hiding them in the dark. Because I was afraid people would judge my person, my ego, I didn’t share my thoughts.

Now that I understand that ideas are separate entities of the self, it’s easy to share them with the world. Whether the response to the idea is positive or negative is irrelevant. What matters is that the idea can grow, giving the opportunity to the autodidact to use it, shaping it with all her experience, and sharing it again.

Are you an autodidact? Do you share your ideas, or keep them in the dark because they’re “weird” and “outrageous”?