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Things Hidden Behind Things

I feel blessed for having learned another life lesson.

Last week, my fiancé and I visited a cottage. It was perfectly situated for all the things I enjoy doing. I could go off-road motorcycle without taking the road, go fishing, hunting, relax in nature, make a fire and grill the fish I caught in the morning, paint, take amazing photographs of the sunrise on the lake, and play guitar when the weather wouldn’t permit going outside.

It was a dream come true, and I wouldn’t even have to borrow at the bank to buy it.

My fiancé didn’t see it the same way. For him, it was another responsibility, another place to take care of, and another debt. I listened, understood, and so I decided to let it go. Strangely, it made me happy.

The lesson I learned is that Things we buy are a materialization of our emotions and our basic needs. I don’t really want a chalet, I need to get away, far from the everyday life at the house, and I want to have more time, and share more with the love of my life.

There are many other ways to fulfil my needs, and express my emotions. The desire to by Things is often a signal that a need isn’t fulfilled.

Next time I want to buy something, I’ll pause and ask what need does buying this Thing is trying to fill? Could I fill it any other way?

Do you agree?

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  1. I think you are right Chloe, abundance is ok i guess but after a certain point it becomes..unhealthy, people start to forget what is trully precious and what is not so they start to buy more and more stuff to fil a void that wasn’t even there in the first place. Although a nice little quite place in the country doesn’t sound bad at all, maybe your fiance might re-consider?

  2. Yes.

    As a matter of fact, I think you should always ask that question in financial matters. My experience in real estate development has taught me that when a couple looks at a place to live or vacation, one, (usually the woman), looks for reasons to say yes, if there are any, and the other, (usually the man), looks for reasons to say no. One sees something attractive like a kitchen with several sinks, and the other looks to see if any of them leak. Emotional decision makers find hesitating particularly difficult if there are multiple reasons to say yes. But one question which can satisfy your emotional and logical sides in a purchase decision is: Can I rent it? If so, you can enjoy it anytime it is available, without fixing the leaky sinks.

    Although I can’t find the source, Burt Rutan is credited with a funny quote on the kind of things that pull our emotional wallet strings, “It it can fly, float, or fornicate, rent it.”

    The real point here is that where you spend your leisure time, and how, should be an emotional decision with a financial component. To buy or rent such a place, should be a logical, investment, decision with subordinate, emotional benefits. Ignoring this leads to disappointment, both in logic, and enjoyment.

  3. I dont know you Chloe but, I dont agree with anyone here. Our world is surrounded by Trolls who are trolls because they can be. When ever someone tells you that you dont need this is or that. Try to see why they are saying that and not what they are saying. That place sounds really nice and it sounds like you would be happy there but it would need to be the place you want to stay all the time. Remember no matter where you go there you are. So if its a place that would make you happy do it. If it’s just something to get away from yourself then maybe there are other issues you need to look at. I would always hear friends or family say they need to move to make a change but it was something else going on for them. It doesn’t sound that way for you. As for another place to take care of… that’s true of everyplace you live so why not live there?

    And as for funny quotes “If you cant eat it or fuck it… What good is it?” That’s the simpleton approach at discouraging you from you doing what’s right for you….

  4. I think that is always a good question to ask before any major financial purchase, and you should always try to separate the emotions from the decision. Also I didn’t know you were engaged, congratulations!

  5. Your both right, each from your own point of view. If you want to just get away every so often, it may be easier to just rent something. The beauty of what you wrote is that you both can talk it out like adults. Good job, Ms. Chloe.

  6. The best way to relax, get away from the routine of daily life and to spend time with your loved one is to take a break somewhere.My daughter recently spent a few days in a cottage on a remote island on the west coast of Scotland – it had everything she loved :peace and quiet, beaches and wild life on her doorstep. The local fisherman even caught lobsters for her & her partner.But a long term move wouldn’t have been practical.

    So enjoy your life with your partner and take my advice – spend quality time together.

    Have a lovely weekend

  7. I always ask myself do I really need this or do I just want it, plus is it worth it. If I feel that I deserve it or that it is something that will really make me happy inside not just because it is some material thing, then I’m at peace buying it or not. There are so many things that we think or are told that we need, when all we really need is already inside of us and if we share it with another, is more gratifying than any material item or object.

  8. Having your own place somewhere close to nature is one of life’s great experiences. It’s not “stuff” that needs to be de-cluttered. In fact, it’s the opposite of stuff, it’s trees and animals, flowing water and flowers, simple but visceral experiences (like catching and cooking your own meal), etc. And it’s so much better when you can make it your own, improve it, get to know it year after year. And yes it’s also the opportunity to have great sex in your own outdoors paradise! Your fiance was wrong. Go find that great piece of property.

    Et le Quebec est si beau!


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