Making Your Life Simpler

Making things simple in your life will give you less stress, less illness, and more time to enjoy the important things.

Clutter is a form of complexity, and you should get rid of it. The easiest way to do it is to declutter one small space at a time. Starting with a space in your house or apartment that really needs attention, then move on to the spaces in your life, and the spaces in your head. One at a time.

Since we have to eat everyday, it makes sense to look at what we put in our body and simplify that too. Preparing bigger batches saves time and energy in the long run. It also makes it simple to decide what to eat when you’re hungry. You should also consider drinking only water, tea and a little bit of coffee instead of the crap that screw up your body.

Here’s a few more things to consider to simplify your life.

  • Move everyday for at least 45 minutes. The simplest form of exercises that almost everybody can do is walking. We were designed to walk a lot. Start slow and build until you’re there.
  • Stop complaining and be grateful!
  • Don’t have debts.
  • Set up a routine for the things you have to do anyway. Perfect it until you can do it fast, and on autopilot.
  • Make a not-do-to list with the things you do, but hate and aren’t absolutely necessary.
  • Love the heck out of your friends, family, and significant other.
  • Write everything down.

When you start your journey to simplify, there’s going to be a period where things are going to get more complicated before it all gets simpler. Like this:

Chloe Morgane - Making Your Life Simpler

Hang in there!

Do you have simple tips to make life simple?

15 thoughts on “Making Your Life Simpler”

  1. 1. Get your routine things done before checking email etc., otherwise your routine and priorities gets derailed by email distractions.
    2. Don’t feed the internet trolls. They may have unlimited time, but you can certainly find a better hobby than feeding them to spend your free time on.

    1. Indeed. When we can do our routine things first thing in the morning, anything can happen after, and it will still be OK!

  2. You are so right. However, I admit to being emotionally attached to some things which I e really should be decluttering. For example I have a stack of vinyl records which I never play – I have thrown my turntable out but can’t bear to do the same to those albums which I have had since the 70’s. They are so tactile & the album covers are works of art.

    Just like you 🙂

  3. Good day! Good topic. 1) Making a choice what to do – try to do what is beneficial to you personally. Because becoming a happy person – bring happiness to others! To please everybody is almost impossible! )) 2) the Use of life moon phase (lunar days) Search the Internet for information.. the Lunar cycle and women’s menstrual cycle are the same. The moon is the nearest celestial body and most impact on us. Anyone have an orgasm – have sex in the moon is in Scorpio. Orgasm guaranteed!

  4. I got to a point in my life where I owned two houses, four cars, eight guitars and WAY too many possessions. I realized that I didn’t owned these things… they owned me. I was always taking care of something — it cost money, time and psychic energy. Scaling back wasn’t easy, but the second house is gone now, as are two of the cars.

    Now if I could only find a nice, forgiving on-line girlfriend…

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