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If This, Then That

Back in 2003, I changed my life over, and learn PHP. I used this skill to build websites, and earn a living until something bad happened; I didn’t get paid for a big project I already had spend countless hours on. I decided it was enough. I used the skill to build my own websites, and be free of people who don’t pay.

I tell you this because many programming languages use the If/Then statement. It got me thinking that this way of conducting ourselves is being applied to real life situations. Except that we’re not aware this conditional statement is driving us.

What if we became conscious, and use the If/Then statement to create new habits?

Habits are created through a formula that goes like this: you get a signal, or cue, that triggers the desired behaviour. This desired behaviour is then rewarded.

Habit = Signal > Behaviour > Reward

The signal is the If in the If/Then statement, and the behaviour and the reward are the Then. Because the signal, the If, is what makes us do the desired behaviour, the Then, it makes sense to focus on creating strong Ifs.

There’s also the possibility to use the behaviour, or the reward, as an If. This is even better because it creates an infinite Loop of desired, rewarded behaviour that signal the next desired behaviour.

It might look like using this technique would make us behave like programs. Whether you like it or not, you’re already acting as a program. During any given day, we are 80% habit driven*, but most of those habits would need a major upgrade. Besides, I’d rather be the one taking decisions concerning the important things in my life.

Do you have a chain, or a Loop of habits that would need an upgrade?

* I don’t remember the source of this statistic, but when I do, I’ll add it as a reference that I’m not throwing numbers out in thin air for the fun of it.

4 thoughts on “If This, Then That”

  1. Well, even though your thinking is not bad at all, I’d argue that habit is more related to the do/while() statement. This is the learning curve. Habit is repeating itself over and over until something, a trigger, a Signal, makes it change. This is more akin to the do..while(). We progress in life doing automatic things and loop over until we reach a condition (the Signal triggering the if/then) makes us break out of this loop … or in some circumstances get right back in 😉

    Yeah I know, geek talk here. You are not used of reading my geek side hey ? 😉

    Keep warm my lovely friend !

  2. “If This” Christmas you could post a pic of your beautiful self in a sexy Christmas outfit “Then That” would be pretty friggin awesome.. 🙂

  3. After years of failing at doing things, I have learned to go with “what works best” this does not mean I an opposed to learning new things / approaches… quite the contrary i welcome it.
    I also have the view of ” if it doesn’t affect me or those that I care for directly. then I won’t stress about it.
    If you want to call this a “habit” or “behavior” so be it.
    If you are nice to me, then I shall return the favor 😉
    Cheers and have a Great Christmas.

  4. ‘If then else’ approach to a tactical improvement for short term gains will work. But it cannot work for long term changes in my view.

    Long term changes that give peace of mind and happiness are those that gets us to be aligned with universal principles (that work all the time regardless of place or time)

    We are living in a world of change that happens without our permission. The only anchor we can hold onto are the universal laws which includes true friendship based on unconditional affection. At least that has been my experience.

    In programming paradigm, this means that one needs to find the ‘loop invariant’ in a loop one is on. In fact a long time ago effort to mathematically prove program correctness started with identification of loop invariant in every loop there is.

    What is invariant about you is your inner beauty – kindness to others, toughness in dealing with unexpected changes, and generosity (as to how you dealt with your ex).

    Most are attracted to your physical beauty but I think your inner beauty enhances your physical beauty by orders of magnitude. Hope you inner beauty stays invariant over time and place and I am sure you will always find tactical means of adjustments to change via ‘if then else’ conditionals in your life.

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