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We’re Blessed

A few days ago, I’ve watched a documentary about the world’s worst prison on earth. The focus of this particular documentary was about the San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia.

The country has given up completely on the inmates, and they have to get organized by themselves. They have jobs inside the community, buy or rent their accommodation, and often live with their families. Yes, there are women and children living behind the prison walls.

Since I’ve watched the documentary, I’ve been feeling immensely blessed. Every morning, I get to drink a delicious coffee, something the criminals and their family probably don’t do even morning, or at all. I feel very safe in my country. In Bolivia, if police suspects you of anything, you’re guilty until proven otherwise. Here, it’s the other way around.

I know the men in San Pedro are criminals. Their privileges of being a part of our society have been revoked. That’s fair enough to me.

Seeing what happens there made me feel so grateful for all the little things that I usually take for granted. Eating 3 tasty and healthy meals a day. Taking a warm shower every day. Brushing my teeth. Sleeping in a comfortable bed. Being free to choose what I want to do every single day.

I think we are blessed, and we don’t even recognize it. We complain, some more than others 😉

I’m not comparing myself to the inmates. Aside from being human, we don’t have much in common. I’m using their misery to realize how most people’s life are awesome, including mine.

Life is a gift. Say thank you!

Have you ever had a moment like this, when you suddenly realize how blessed you are?

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  1. I once saw a similar documentary about russian prisons in SIberia, compared to those…San Pedro sounds like a Holiday Resort, it was after that that i too realized im quite blessed, we need moments like that

  2. I try to instill this in my children. I tell them look around. We have a home. We have food. Our house is warm, and, we all love each other.
    Now my son replies: “we have everything we need”.
    Well said Lil man. Well said


  3. I say thank you. Thanks to you for …

    The sun in your eyes
    The light you untie
    The beautiful soul you undress
    As a fierce volcano abreast
    Your lovely smile
    Gently posed as an isle
    An oasis of pleasure
    On sands of leisure

    yes I thank you …

  4. Watching a loved one on hospice has given me a prospective. I’m moving onto a bike soon, can stomach another 20 years of slogging away to pay to…. Be in prison of my own choosing. Sad the life- experiences it took for me to see, but I wouldn’t trade a moment. Life is lived via experiences.

    I’m going to see the world. Might come visit some day.

  5. You are so right, Chloe. We live in a materialistic society and don’t stop to think how lucky we are and what a wonderful world we live in. Life is a joy!

    I wish you very merry Christmas and hope all your hopes and dreams come true


  6. No one knows what they have, Until they lose it. The only difference is The Reason. It is not as Easy as You Get what you paid for. Each of us should appreciate, be thankful and use it wisely.

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