Chloe Morgane - 2016 in Review

2016 in Review

On the Blog

Earlier this year, I started sharing my thoughts about habits, challenges, and ways to be a better version of ourselves. Some of you were surprised to find this kind of writing on a porn website.

The reason I decided to share my thoughts on personal development is simply passion. I read tons of books that I find truly inspiring on the subject. And even if the book is crap, there’s always a little something I can take out of it.

I decided to stick with this blog topic because you seem to enjoy the opinion I share with you. I also believe that if we’re a better version of ourselves, we’re also better with other, and better lovers.

On the Website

This year, I started adding more pictures. Portraits, blowjob pictures, and even a few galleries where my butt was the focus.

I’ve also added more videos about anal play because, well, I love it!!

The site grew a lot too. It currently holds 315 video and photo updates. All of them were made with love, genuine passion, and are artfully explicit. I still believe in beautiful porn, and to this date, it has been my drive to continue sharing my sexual self with you.

In my Personal Life

I’ve discovered a new passion: vintage trial motorcycle. It’s highly technical, very slow paced (you think you’re going slow, you’re not slow enough), and the community is made of truly interesting and older people.

I’m getting married in 2018. I never thought I would agree, but it seems love can be a strong mean of persuasion!

Three years ago, I had a stupid accident where I shattered my left tibial plateau. I had an external fixator on for 2 weeks, had surgery to have a plate a 11 screws fix my bone, stayed in the hospital for 30 days, had another surgery to remove the plate and the screws a year and a half later, and the screws damage my knee so I developed osteoarthritis.

I live with this every day, but I can feel it’s getting better. I go to the gym, and have a special program to make my leg strong and more flexible. I eat the right food to heal, and most of all, I believe I will completely heal. It’s hard as hell, but I love a good challenge that pays off dividends!

What’s your best moment from 2016?


16 thoughts on “2016 in Review”

  1. Hi Chloé/Camille,

    Félicitations pour tout le bon travail durant 2016. Félicitations pour le travail continue sur vous-même et votre guérison totale. Mais avant bravo! pour ce bel amour que vous savez nourrir et voir grandir de jour en jour dans un monde d’éphémères et d’exploitation. Donc, mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur et félicitations également pour ce mariage à venir !

    J’avoue parfois être triste de ne plus avoir autant d’échanges avec vous. Mais je comprends l’ampleur de votre travail et le temps restreint pour … prendre le temps. La priorité est sur vous bien-entendu. Donc c’est compréhensible. Je vous lève mon chapeau pour vos accomplissements.

    Dans le silence, s’inscrit souvent l’encre des désires
    Les faïences, il dessine de son trait de cire
    Les reins balancent sous son jet, de mots il soupire
    Ma révérence devant votre grandeur qui inspire

    Bonheur et plaisir
    Succès et santé
    Richesse et bonté

    Bonne année 2017 à vous et vos proches !

  2. Well first I want to thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts. There is much more to life than porn. That being said of course I enjoy what you do and love to watch you. I think it’s great to connect with people on all levels. Life is about people and sharing.
    So to answer. …my best moment of 2016 is bittersweet really. It’s realizing I can do better in a lot of areas that hold me back. So my best moment of 2016 is deciding to have a much improved 2017….

  3. 2016 was a good year as I met a beautiful woman. We’ve found we both fill a void the other had. She is a wonderful lover that has taken me to new heights of extasy! She is gentle when she takes me, much the same way I envision you are. We both love to please each other😊 We are both in our 60’s but being intimate knows no age limit. Making love is more exciting and fulfilling than ever.
    I also look forward to your pictures and thoughts in 2017❤

  4. Congratulations ! May you enjoy every moment leading up to the wedding and then enjoy blissfully married life. May your love for your fiance grows even more with time. Truly happy for you!

  5. I won’t try to tell you a four-hour story here, but it started when our daughter
    Brought home one of those school forms requesting “mother” and “father” .
    I of course crossed out “father ” and inserted ” live-in lover” and let her
    eexplain for herself. Mind exercises! Best Love JHB.

  6. My dear Chloe/Camille,

    first all all lI must congratulate you on your forthcoming marriage – tell your partner from me he is a very lucky man and I wish you both well in your new venture.

    I will remember 2016 for 3 main events in my life :

    1) In March I became a grandfather for the first time – my grandson of course means the world to me and I look forward to seeing him grow into a fine young man.

    2) I celebrated 40 years of marriage to my lovely wife. She is as beautiful now as when I met her (altho I must admit her skirts aren’t as short as they used to be) Ha Ha!

    3)I started following your blog in around February and have got to know you more over the months. I visit your Twitter page daily and look forward to your pics/vids and blogs (in a pic of Camille yesterday entitled Wild in the Forest you so look like Nicole Kidman,only much prettier!) . Your outlook is so refreshing and I can honestly say you are my santuary for just a few minutes each day. You take my mind off the stresses of life and keep me sane.

    So I wish you and all your family a very happy and healthy New Year

    Hugs and Kisses

    1. Chloe, my special moment in 2016 was meeting a woman who thrills me both in bed and out. We are both in our 60’s and a resurgence of sex and passion! We both love giving oral and you would be proud of how she gives a blowjob 😊 Sex does not have to end as you get older. It becomes more intense and personal🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

    2. You’re comment is a blessing Stuart! Thank you for sharing your 2016 moments, and I’m especially honoured to be one of them! Thank you xx

  7. For me, the best part of 2016 will be leaving it behind. I lost two dear friends who were under 30 years old. So good by 2016. I’m looking forward to 2017 with great expectations.

    1. I ride a dual bike in the trail. It’s a Honda CRF 250L (2014). It’s a little heavy, but it’s a compromise I’m willing to make to be able to ride it on the street to get to the trail.

      For Vintage Trial, I ride a Yamaha TY175 – 1976. I always joke it’s only a year younger then I… ^.^

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