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Better than Nothing, Really?

How many times have you heard this little piece of wisdom? How many times have you said it yourself? I know I’ve been guilty of saying it more than I would ever want to admit it. Sometimes to encourage and congratulate someone who did something. And sometimes, as a lame excuse for not giving it my best.

It’s better than nothing. Except that nothing isn’t really that hard to beat.

In some instances, nothing is really better than something. This would be the case with relationships. A bad relationship where only one of the partner is willing to make changes and efforts is a good example.

A relationship with a family member where every single time you meet with her, they bring you down, they suck your energy up, they make you feel guilty, or they manipulate you. Even after you’ve communicated your need for a change, they still behave in an unacceptable way. This is another great example of nothing is better than something.

Using the “it’s better than nothing” adage is also a way to make us feel better about poor performances. When we use this phrase, it’s usually to cover up our shame because we know, deep down, that we didn’t give it our 100%. I’m guilty of using it too, but now that I’ve realized what I’ve done, I’ll tell myself the truth.

I am also trying to tell the truth to the people I sometimes tell it to. This proves to be a little more challenging.

In some case, though, it could be better than nothing. When you want to create a new habit, you may not be able to go full force the first few times. I mean, 3 push ups are indeed better than no push ups at all, as long as you gave it your all, and you keep progressing!

What do you usually use the “it’s better than nothing” excuse for?

13 thoughts on “Better than Nothing, Really?”

  1. Well I often find that we use the” it’s better than nothing” thing just to get us by. I find that it is useful for a moment, perhaps to get us through a hard time but we need to step back and look at our it’s better than nothing moments and say how can I capitalize on this and squash it, how can I make an emphatic renouncement of my stance. How can I make a statement 1000% in the opposite direction of where I was.
    One thing I heard a long time ago is that you never have to conform to what other people say you are. You can constantly change , you can make a fresh start ,you can have your New Year.
    This happened to me when I started a new job a very good job but it was new and I was going through a divorce and operating on 25% of my brain and I was out many times and having a really hard time. I decided to turn that around with an emphatic response that I would not be out for a year no matter what. People will always talk that’s a given you could be the nicest person in the world but people will always talk but the reality is you get into your situation and you take care of it like it’s the only thing you have left in the world and results are undeniable people can talk all they want but results speak for themselves.
    Never let anyone define you. Make your own results. And when you have a better than nothing moment realize this is a good chance to change things for the positive. It’s an opportunity.

  2. I use the phrase to settle for something less than what I wanted in the first place. In life we have to negotiate with each other in business, relationships, and out personal goals. When we have to negotiate some time you have to settle for less than what you wanted to achieve. It is not that you did not give it your all, however you did not achieve your goal in what you set out to do.

  3. I use the “better than nothing” when exercising and quoting before finishing the full routine. It’s really an excuse for us to rationalize our weaknesses and then we end up feeling bad.
    Just think if you did a quick blowjob and thought “its better than nothing”

    It’s an excuse not to do your best or give the greatest pleasure you can.

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