Reality and Truth

Reality and truth can hurt. That’s why we try to avoid them most of the time. But the more we’re able to see the world and ourselves through a reality lens, the better we’re equipped to grow, to face the challenges the world throws at us, and to live a healthy life. If we choose to let our minds be clouded by lies, false perceptions, and illusions, we’ll be less likely to take the right decisions and actions.

Reality and truth are hard to grasp. Something we thought was the truth a year ago, isn’t real anymore. We need to consistently make quick adjustments to our vision of the world, and of ourselves. Everyday, we’re bombarded with information about the nature of reality. We’re constantly sorting this information, trying to discern what is real and what is not. It takes a lot of auto-discipline to keep up to date with reality!

What happens when we haven’t done any major adjustment in our vision of ourselves and of the world, but there is new information that invalidates our reality and we need to make changes? We get scared. Fear creeps in and we close our eyes, passively rejecting the new information. Or worse, we can start a crusade against the new information, trying to destroy them, manipulating them to make them concord with our false reality.

Constant and rigorous questioning can help us live a life that is real and be who we really are. It will create discomfort, but discomfort makes us grow, and growth is life. Challenging our own beliefs even when every fibres of our body goes against is the way to be unconditionally free.

What are old believes that keeps you from being free?

Discomfort is What’s Making You Grow

A low performing, low growth environment where you have to follow too many steps, always ask permission, and everything is scrutinized, or where chaos predominates, you’ll see your creativity hinder, it’ll stifle your independent thoughts and actions. You don’t want to be or stay there, where nothing grows.

A predictable environment is where you want to be some or most of the time. You know what’s going to happen when you perform certain actions, but know that whatever makes you comfortable will ruin your life. Indeed, when you always do or think the same way, you eventually stop growing. You’re like a goldfish in a small fish bowl.

In a state of discomfort, that’s where you’ll continually grow. It’s what’s giving you the push to start a new journey, or complete the one you’re already in. When you use your environment to promote growth, you’re like a goldfish in a pond. You’ll have sustainable and exponential growth if you consciously acknowledge discomfort.


There are ways discomfort can be triggered in your life.

It might be forced upon you. How much you’ll grow when discomfort is forced upon you– like when you get fired –will depend how you’ll react. Will you stay angry, or make excuses, or will you use this trigger to propel yourself?

It might be that someone helps you get there; a coach, a parent, a teacher, or a boss can push you deep into discomfort. The first reaction anyone has to this push is to intervene, trying to make the person feel good again. If you help the person to get back into comfort, you’re killing all the efforts made to promote her development.

Discomfort can also be triggered by yourself. When you don’t have a coach, teacher, or boss to push you, you have to do it yourself. This is hard because comfort is… comfortable!

What are ways that you use to push yourself into discomfort?


Your Dream Life

It might be easier than you think to make your dream life come true. You may believe you need millions of dollars, more time, or better health to achieve your desired life, but I’m sure that if you stop for a few minutes, and let your heart tell you what kind of life you really aspire to, you’d be surprised how easily accessible it is.

We make things bigger than they really are, and by doing that, we believe we can’t be, do, or have the things that make us light up. To counteract this false belief, I like to sit down regularly, and write about a simple day in my dream life. It helps me to make better choices, to have the courage to do bold things, and to make the appropriate sacrifices.

It’s also a good assessment of my current life vs my dream life. It emphasizes where the gaps are, so I can adjust my current life to have more of what my dream life is made of. It also shows me where the two lives unite, making me so much more grateful for everyone and everything I have right now.

Here’s a little excerpt from what I wrote this morning. This is not my first draft. Before it was perfect for me, I wrote lists of things I wanted in my life, I extensively tried to understand my core values, I deepened and acknowledge the stronger traits of my personality. I knew I hated it when things kept coming back in the many lists I created.

My dream is to wake up every morning to the sound of the birds singing, making coffee and drinking it while watching the amazing view outside of my home, and starting my day knowing I have no obligations but to make this day the most beautiful, passionate, and happy I can possibly can.

I’d then get dressed to go outside for a walk with my husband, letting my mind wander, listen and comment on the beauty of mother nature, and how grateful I am for who I became, and for everyone and everything I have I my life.

When we’d get back home, we’d have a healthy breakfast, talk about us, about what we aspire to be and do, look into each other’s eyes and say how much we love one another, as if there’d be no tomorrow.

Mornings are when I feel the most creative and energetic. I would unquestionably go straight to my studio, or pack my painting kit on my motorbike to explore my land, and find a nice place to paint. Each brush stroke would illuminate my eyes, make my heart race, and fill my soul with happiness.

In the afternoon, my choices of activities would vary between playing music with or without friends, go see friends or family members, cook healthy meals for days ahead, sell my paintings and everything that’s involved with that business, ride my motorbike or paint some more, exercise, learn new skills, and help someone who really needs it.

My evening would be relaxed. After a healthy dinner with my darling, we’d talk some more, make love, and I would read a great book before going to sleep.

Although I’ve let out many (personal and financial) details, you can get the essence of my dream life. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t cost millions of dollars, it promotes good health, strong relationships, and passion. It’s in perfect harmony with all my core values.

My brain has a clear image of my desires. It sees and analyzes all the opportunities that can make my dream life come true. All I have to do is listen, and act on the (electric) impulses, or messages, my brain sends me, making the gap between both lives get smaller every day.

Best of all, I’m already living many elements of my dream life. This reassures me;  I don’t live in the future, and I savour the present moment.

Does your brain know what kind of life you really want? And are you listening?