Chloe Morgane - Discomfort is What's Making You Grow

Discomfort is What’s Making You Grow

A low performing, low growth environment where you have to follow too many steps, always ask permission, and everything is scrutinized, or where chaos predominates, you’ll see your creativity hinder, it’ll stifle your independent thoughts and actions. You don’t want to be or stay there, where nothing grows.

A predictable environment is where you want to be some or most of the time. You know what’s going to happen when you perform certain actions, but know that whatever makes you comfortable will ruin your life. Indeed, when you always do or think the same way, you eventually stop growing. You’re like a goldfish in a small fish bowl.

In a state of discomfort, that’s where you’ll continually grow. It’s what’s giving you the push to start a new journey, or complete the one you’re already in. When you use your environment to promote growth, you’re like a goldfish in a pond. You’ll have sustainable and exponential growth if you consciously acknowledge discomfort.


There are ways discomfort can be triggered in your life.

It might be forced upon you. How much you’ll grow when discomfort is forced upon you– like when you get fired –will depend how you’ll react. Will you stay angry, or make excuses, or will you use this trigger to propel yourself?

It might be that someone helps you get there; a coach, a parent, a teacher, or a boss can push you deep into discomfort. The first reaction anyone has to this push is to intervene, trying to make the person feel good again. If you help the person to get back into comfort, you’re killing all the efforts made to promote her development.

Discomfort can also be triggered by yourself. When you don’t have a coach, teacher, or boss to push you, you have to do it yourself. This is hard because comfort is… comfortable!

What are ways that you use to push yourself into discomfort?


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  1. What are ways that you use to push yourself into discomfort?

    Recognizing and admitting to, about myself and not others, a limitation that I have, that if removed, would make me or my position better, not for all others, or any other, but for myself.

  2. Unfortunately in life, real growth happens only when a set of events, usually outside our control, lead us to extreme amount of suffering. This growth does not happen for all but happens for those that are able to use their thinking faculty and wisdom to understand how to make the situation better.

    Sure, one can grow when one pushes oneself during periods of discomfort, even if it is self created. Such a growth are unlikely to have lasting effect. Also, by pushing ourselves, we may be yielding to our sense of insecurities which will prevent from having a peace of mind.

    So, my intent is to not push myself into discomfort state but use opportunities that arise naturally to think and learn from the situation. I have a life mission statement drafted many years ago that are based on values and timeless principles and I use that as a guide to deal with situations. By being aligned with natural laws, life is simple and fun regardless of the situations that arise

  3. Exploration expands understanding. A boundary pushed is a boundary explored, understood, and possibly expanded. Exploration is the hallmark of the open mind.

  4. I am one of those who gets bored by too much comfort at same professional environment and I always prefer to face challenges in new settings. Although, I admit this is not often easy for me due to social anxiety i have when meeting new people and communicating with them. But there is strong drive in me that forces to challenge the comfort boundries and it outweighs my anxieties. So I acknowledge how much i have come to grow personally and professionally. I sometimes wonder where would I be if my social anxiety have taken lead.

  5. Great question! Personally, I continually trying to identify things in my life that I do out of habit and routine. When I find those things that I do just because, I challenge them, change it up, and sometimes just stop cold turkey. I frequently change up my workout routines, introduce new things to my diet, approach my wife in different ways, and even take impromptu adventures with my kids. I find that life gets more interesting when I challenge the norm, even if it is as simple as eating my Cheerios in a different place in the house. It gives me a different perspective on the normal and usually leads to new and different thoughts.

    All that being said, not all challenges and positions of discomfort result in wanted outcomes…but that is just part of the game.

  6. Several things. However, discomfort levels drop significantly once you get good habits/routines. Like for instance, I write on a daily basis. It used to be a pain in the ass, until I forced myself to wake up an hour earlier and write something.

    Then, I made it easier on myself. Every time I had an idea, I’d write an outline and save it. The only thing I had to do the next morning was to login, select one of the outlines, and flesh it out.

    So now that that’s easy, the next step is physical. I weight 150 even and currently can do 12 pull-ups in one set, dead lift 305 pounds once, bench 180×3, but my squats are not where I want them to be so that means more discomfort getting there.

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