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Excuses are stories you tell yourself when you’ve failed at something and you want to feel better in the moment instead of feeling the pain from the failure. When you tell yourself excuses, you aren’t learning anything.

Yes, it’s hard to admit you made a mistake, but it’s making you grow so much more if you do. The realization and self-reflection that results from staying in the moment without making any excuses is the best way to make yourself grow into a better person.

When someone uses an excuse to explain why he/she failed, you might encourage them in their story. That’s probably because you don’t want them to feel ashamed for their mistake, and instead of exposing them out, you pretend to believe their lame story.

Helping someone to realize and learn from their mistake is a hard task. But if you are true to ourself, and you practice being in the moment when you screw up, you can guide that person in doing the same thing. You have empathy, and you know it hurts, so you’re more able to help that someone through realization and growth from their own mistakes.

Excuses exempt you from your responsibilities. They give you permission to behave badly, to make more mistakes, or to repeat the same mistake over and over.

When you make up excuses, you live in a parallel universe where reality is distorted to prevent you from feeling discomfort.

Assuming your mistakes will free you from guilt, make you stronger, and will always make you a respectable person. You’ll become more humble and real.

Everyone makes up stories about why they took this decision, or made that mistake. What’s yours? How can you turn it around to tell yourself the truth?

13 thoughts on “Excuses”

  1. Even One Excuse is Same as a Child. Imagination is a matter of thought. Not Reality. Only to make up a story and get out of trouble. “The Dog Ate My Homework”. Dishonesty causes Excuses. Same as in Court; Tell the Truth without an Oath. Be Real and not Fake. Easy method to find this out without evidence/witness. Face to Face with eye Contact and Tone of Voice. It is easy to believe or ask other questions. Result will be obvious.

  2. My excuses are for things that I didn’t do and regretted it later. I am of the age now that I challenge a new experience more readily than before. If it doesn’t work out, at least I tried. Thanks for this avenue to discuss things.

  3. Just a simple example, now I´ve had a bowl of youghurt and my excuse is that I was hungry even though it is close to bed time.
    If there are any good strategies to overcome the temptation to make an excuse I´d be delighted.
    Both if they are possible to follow as well as encouraging too.

  4. I preform a personal inventory every morning and evening to check how I am doing. It is a simple HALTS analysis. Hunger, Anger, Lonely Tired, Serenity status and Sanity status. When working with others I focus on the use of empathy. Sympathy is an enabler. And Directives can create conflict.

  5. Excuses are lost opportunities. Any time you make up an excuse, you’re really telling yourself you missed an opportunity or you should have taken the chance. Whether it’s personal or professional, take the chance, move ahead.

  6. Excuses = lying. I deal with this daily at my job. I use to deal with that daily with the women I use to have relationships with. Excuses are the bane of good sanity.

  7. I abandoned ecuses a long time ago, and it served me well. Now I’m on the path of success and hapiness, and I owe it solely to my ban of excuses, both for me and people.

  8. The best thing to do is step up and own your mistakes. “Ok, I screwed up and I admit it.” You will earn the respect of others that way. Excuses are for those would don’t have the integrity to admit they failed. It happens to all of us. Own it, learn from it and be better because of it. 🙂

    Huge Fan Chloe, you are awesome. Keep up the great work. The world needs more women like you.

  9. I feel that’s the biggest problem in the world is that we lie to ourselves and we lie to others because we are conditioned to get through life like that. It’s been my experience that when people say they want honesty they really don’t because when you tell them the truth sometimes it even gets you in trouble.
    I always try to be honest with myself but I use it as an opportunity when you are honest with other people to take a moment and tell them why. ” we aren’t honest with each other in this world and we often lie to ourselves I think if we took a little more time to tell each other the truth we could spend an awful lot of time not bullshittin each other”
    Maybe we could help each other get through our problems a little more easily if we just took the time to be honest with each other and honest with ourselves.

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