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There’s no Such Thing as Time Management

Time management is not logical. It looks like it is when you put it down on paper, or on your favourite time management application, but really, time management is emotional. How you choose to spend your time is based on how you feel.

No one can manage time. Time passes. You got to deal with that fact. You can’t change it, and you can’t do anything about it. Can’t get back in the past, can’t go into the future. Only the now can be used to do/feel/say something.

So, it’s just another case of using the wrong words. Creating an extra hour a day? That’s impossible. Everybody gets 24h/day. What we’re really managing here are the things we do, the feelings we feel, and the things we say.

When I do what’s important instead of what’s urgent, I’m managing both my tasks and my feelings. Doing what’s important will make me feel proud, confident, and free. If I’m responding to urgency, I’ll get behind in my important things, and will be stressed, tired, and anxious.

That’s why I got into the habit of using an hour or two every day to do, feel, and say the important things without interruption from anyone or anything.

Instead of trying to manage time, which is impossible, I choose to manage myself, and take responsibility for the life I have created through the time I was given.

Are you trying to manage time, or do you manage yourself?


P.S.: May the 4th be with you!

14 thoughts on “There’s no Such Thing as Time Management”

  1. Your words on time management rang true. Now if I can remember them long enough to implement them in life.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The only way that we can “manage” our time is to make the best of the time that we are given. You are as deep and inspiring as you are beautiful. ❤️

  3. Time is an artificial 3D construct designed to manipulate humans into so called time based actions for purposes of manipulation, control, and subjugation. We are controlled and ruled by calendars and clocks. I think you are spot on Chloe in managing your own life, as the usurpers who think they know best how to manage you and your time are just trying to control you and suck your life energy until you run out of time. Hence the the term “Human Resources” and “Time management teams”. People ask me what time it is, my answer is “NOW”!
    PS Good one!

  4. Time Management is an oxymoron. Your perceptive comments make that clear. What we manage with our free will is ourselves and our priorities.

    Of all the books and planners that were written in the name of Time Management, two of them are very perceptive in my opinion. One is by Stephen Covey named ‘First Thing First”. The other is by David Allen called ‘Getting Things Done’

    Though in my view both are misunderstood by many, there are practical suggestions to realize personal leadership with a vision they expound. The visions are not contradictory but more complementary.

    Managing life also means understanding what our values are and how well they are aligned with universal principles. Stephen Covey says purpose of Life is to Live, Love and leave a Legacy.

    Getting more done need not make us happy. It is about results and richness of relationships in our life.

    It is about being happy here in the NOW the way things are. Reconciling this with how to make progress and achieve requires deep thinking.

    Accepting ourselves the way we are is key to this life management and priorities.

    If tomorrow I want to be a male model like you attracting lots of women that is an impossibility – I cant even imagine having such a desire. Thanks God I do not have such desires to go after. I am very happy instead communicating here via this medium with one of the most beautiful model both inside and out ..

  5. I agree – it’s all about making good choices.

    “Every moment, every hour, every everything.” – Bob Mould

  6. So true Chloe,

    we can all set our own goals/ targets/priorities and plan how to achieve them.Its all about taking ownership and controlling your own lives.

    How lovely you look wearing pearls!

  7. True words Chloe. The older we get, the truer they become. I think the true winners among us are the ones who learn and heed your lesson earlier in life.

  8. I have read recently that a study has been undertaken in time and the pursuit of happiness.

    The findings have concluded that instead of spending money on consumer goods people get greater fulfillment by spending that money on having a cleaner or gardener etc.thus creating more spare time for themselves.

    Let me know if you need a cleaner 🙂


    1. I live in a large home with 3 others. We each do somethings around the house. Some start things and never finish. Some never start so don’t have to finish. Some wait for another to start and finish to maximize their time. The problem is that it seems as if everyone wants everything done, and the only person willing to try cannot do everything. What it comes down to is without the consistent cooperation of each of us in the house, nothing is being accomplished in a timely manner; including mental and physical health. I need help with this house, so it can become a home. Everything needs cleaning from the top to the bottom. There are needed interior and exterior repairs. Painting. Yard work. Emptying and organizing of the basement. Pool work. A list of to do lists could be made. Please help. I can’t do this anymore without regular assistance from others.

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