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Our Default Self vs Habit Design

People rarely change their behaviour for good. Your brains tend to revert to your old ways of thinking and doing. The old pathways are still there and because they are so familiar to you, you use them when you’re not paying attention.

The habits you most recently acquired are the ones most likely to go first. The enemy of your brand new habit is your past behaviour.

There are a few things you must do if you want your new shiny habit to stick.

The behaviour you’re trying to make into a habit needs to be repeated  often, and/or must be perceives as having a high degree of utility. This means the behaviour needs to give you great pleasure, or help you avoid pain.

Indeed, a behaviour that provides minimal perceived benefit can become a habit just because you repeat it often.

Science has yet to determine the length of time it takes to form new habits. If you read it takes 21 days or 6 months to form a new habit, these are just myths that have been debunked many times already.

Habits are wonderful tools that can help you create a rich life. If you carefully plan which habits you want to establish, you’ll get more success in making your dreams come true.

Combine the formula to creating habits with frequency, perceived benefits, focus, and persistence will most definitely turn you into a master habit maker. The formula that creates habits (good or bad) is a follow:

Cue -> Behaviour -> Reward = Habit

If you think habits are boring, that you hate routines, and you think you are living your life with spontaneity now, think again. You are already living at least 40% your life through a routine. If you didn’t design the habits yourself, chances are other people — your boss, clients, marketers, spouse, children, friends, family, yogi master — have done it for you.


3 thoughts on “Our Default Self vs Habit Design”

  1. As someone who has been sober for over 19 years, your essay is spot on. Thank you for sharing your very note worthy thoughts. I am going to pay it forward. <3

  2. Even at the age that I am at I have to be aware of how society has or is conditioning me. I do not watch TV or Cable or listen to music (for the most part), but it only takes a twinkle in time to affect the mentality of a person. Yes, even porn sends a message that one has to resist for lots of it is more marketing than entertainment. The habit of fighting against is not easy for it is forever ongoing… forever. I have no relationship with a female for the unwillingness of female people to fight and struggle against the societal conditioning.

  3. The blue tight little thing in your email photo is probably the sexiest photo I have ever seen. You are a stunningly beautiful woman.

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