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It can be daunting to doubt your own thoughts and decisions, and other people’s actions and ideas. To doubt means to have feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something. Even when that something is proven by facts, science, and unfaulted logic.

When you chronically doubt yourself, you create a loop of low self-confidence that leads to more self-doubt. When you lack confidence in your own decision, it’s because you are afraid of making a mistake.

A great way to combat self-doubt is to experience the very thing you’re doubting. It’s in no case a quick fix, will surely take some time and efforts, and there will be plenty of challenges along the way because doubt is perceived as some kind of safety. You’ll have to remind yourself that it is okay to make mistakes because you’ll learn from them, and grow because you’ll have survive the experience.

The more experiences you create to battle your self-doubts, the more confidence you’ll build, which will also create a loop, a positive one that is.

In short, self-doubt is another fancy word for fear, and the only way to fight fear is to have the courage to face it.


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  1. Very good advice, Chloe. I have anxiety issues socially. I’m overtly expressive and after I send a message to someone I care about, I become very anxious and filled with doubt, worrying if I came on too strong, if my affections aren’t genuinely returned, or if the other is put off in any way and is too ashamed to tell me about it. I know this is usually never the case and it’s my own anxiety and post-doubt, but it’s still an issue that nags at me almost all the time.

  2. June 5, 2017
    In the next few weeks I will be subscribing to your website, (another website has screwed up my debit card, the bank caught it but I need a new number). I’m a middle-aged white guy, two kids (grown up) divorced, usually straight, with the summertime fling with one guy, while I was in my 40s.

I have seeing your art, and it is art. For a few years, I did admire your beauty and your technique, and yes I’ve gotten off with it more than a few times. (thank you by the way)

but I saw that you’re other site went sideways, found your new name, and started to read your blogs. You are a good writer, I want to read your opinion, I care what you have to say.

And I see two sides, there’s this sweet side, were you talk about rationalizing and comfort zones etc. Then there’s the naughty side (would that be second person narrative?) which is exciting to say the least. But I think we (the male half of the species including myself) are in need of something more. I would like to see the two sides mixed together little bit.

For starters, I think we need to learn how to make women happy, what’s the zingy thing that we aren’t doing right? What do we always do wrong?
I want to know why you enjoy giving a man a blowjob.
(for me, the man to man taboo, was how it started, and Then I found I really enjoyed giving him pleasure) . For a woman what was it Like the first time a man came in your mouth?
(for me it was kind of horrible, he kind of freaked out, I gagged, the rest of the day we thought everybody could tell… somehow).

Maybe it’s time for you to write a book, the whole world is trying to hide our sexuality, while it’s the main thing that drives do a lot of the things we do.
With your insights into sex, and your intelligence and whit, you might be just what the world needs to get itself straightened out.

Well at least it be something like to read.
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Hi Conrad,

      Thank you so much for everything beautiful you said 🙂

      I will probably disappoint, but you can’t make a woman (or another human being) happy. They’re responsible for their own happiness.

      Because I know he likes receiving a blowjob, I like giving one to my husband. It’s that simple; I like when I’m the provider of good sensations ^.^

      I’m not sure I want to write a book…

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