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The Next Avenue

When you comment on a post, your ideas sometimes meet with something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Like Mark said on “Can This Work for Me“:

I too am guilty of rationalizing away the solution all too often. And you nailed it! Because it takes me outside of my comfort zone. So I just give up and look for the next avenue.

You see, I read tons of books (and that’s the problem), but I get frustrated because I’m not retaining the information I’m reading. Science says we remember only 10% of what we read. Even so, with 10% of everything I’ve read, I should be pretty close to hitting Nirvana! I should be the happiest, fittest, healthiest, most organized person in the world!

Unfortunately, I’m far from having completed this feat. Which is a good thing in a way, because I can continue to grow, but it’s also frustrating because I feel like starting over and over again from ground zero.

My frustration is caused by my hunger for what Mark calls “the next avenue”. I read the book, implemented a few of the things the author prescribed, and then forget about what I’ve learned because I’m reading another great book, from which I take a few tricks to make my life better, and this loop just goes on.

There’s a lot of good information. My problem is I want to have the best information, and use it to grow into a better person. So I’m still chasing “the next avenue”.

One solution I found for this never ending chase is to re-read books that I find have the most life changing information.

Taking notes is tedious, but the rare time I did it, and went through them a few times were when I made the most progress.

Another solution is blogging. It has helped me retain more information and put it into action.

I guess it’s only a matter of getting into the habit of taking notes, re-reading, and blogging. But there’s always this teasing voice telling me, “what if this next book has what you’re looking for?”…



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  1. I use to read a lot to make me a better person than I was raised to be. What I came to notice that the books I chose that the things that I wanted to implement was being guided by my own voice… my inner true self. The me inside had the path routed for me, I just needed to listen to it, and if I was reading books and watching and listening to other mass media, I was not doing the listening that I need to be doing for my self.

    So shut off the TV and the radio and the tape player and listened. I started hearing the chapters that I needed. I did notice that this inner book would not allow me to hear the next chapter until the chapter I was working on was implemented.

    But that is just how it has worked for me. A lot of hard truths I had to admit to along the way. A lot of courageous actions I had to take along the way also. But until I was brave enough to turn away from the mass media of society and truly listen to what my self had to say to me, I was never going to be the man that I knew I needed to be for my happiness of mind and body.

  2. Read. Take notes. Blog. Lather, rinse, repeat. What if Nirvana is not a condition that can be reached, but a perspective that can be realized? Chosen? I hereby declare you the happiest, fittest, healthiest, most organized person in the world. Chloe Morgan, Nex Level Philosopher.

    Believe me and smile? Take notes? What if a future you wrote one of the books you like, sent that declaration back for you to read and produce notations. Would you accept that what you are studying is already in your head?

  3. Lately I’ve been reading the Stoic’s and came across a modern book that really hit the spot, as it were.

    It’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.

    In any case, it’s worth a read!

  4. Chloe,
    What you have described is a human predicament. Not everyone is sensitive to the predicament and hence move on with life. A curse of being a little too intelligent is that our mind cannot rest and will find expression for this predicament which is a sense of insecurity and a deep sense of dis-satisfaction with life the way it is. Now this issue is not unique to any one person, it is universal.

    So long we are searching, we are admitting that we are inadequate the way we are. We want to improve so that the future is ‘better’ but then we are living now mulling over future insecurity. Or we live in the past – our regrets, ‘could have’ ‘might have’ and our deepest hurt if we care to be sensitive to feel them.

    Life is about living here and NOW. It is about accepting the way we are 100%. Human beings cannot do that. Only they can try to forget the feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and regrets by indulging in some sports, or drinking or or drugs or gambling or even watching porn. Or we could get caught into an ever stoppable quest to improve never accepting the way we are with all our faults.

    When we truly accept us the way we are, then the next avenue is not there, all that is being here and NOW.. That is really the Nirvana that you mentioned in your blog in my view. When we are living in the NOW even for fleeting moment here and now , since it is impossible to do so all the time, we will find the same books as an endowment to enjoy. We can even enjoy that drink because it is not an escapade.

    Not everyone will agree with my perspective above. It is not directed at anyone but a general human predicament that we live in the past (regrets) or future (insecurity) while life happens in the NOW

    I think you are enormously endowed in many areas – beauty, wisdom, intelligence and have a sweet heart in your life. Hope you do not look for new avenues and you will suddenly enjoy all the books you are reading with no pressure to change yourself

  5. As an artist, i always try to absorb keywords or ideas in everything i read.
    Not only to write songs, but also to develop myself as a better person

  6. Round hole square peg. You can get a corner in but that’s about it. If it’s right and you want to make use of it you will. If it appeals it will make sense and you will retain it. Sometimes for “it” to make sense you have to see past it, to another possible use. “I had to stand on a square peg to get the round peg in its hole.” Sorry I may be being a little subconsciously suggestive with that, can’t help it tho at the moment. I remember so much if it holds my interest or I can use the information towards my interests in a clear comprehensive way.

  7. You are such a beautiful intelligent sexy and smart woman….amazing really. Keep it up! (No pun intended 😁)

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