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Running in Circles

You probably know what you want to change in your life, but maybe you’re not open to change, or you’re stuck in a loop.

You want to change, but can’t seem to accomplish what you said you would, or you don’t know how to make it happen.

Maybe you do things, but it’s not working, and you don’t know what to do differently.

You might be too afraid because you know your own limitations, or it’s impossible because you would destroy everything you’ve built so far.

You’re running in circles. If only you could take action. You don’t feel like it though. You’re too tired. You’re afraid. You can’t. Your boss won’t let you. You have bills to pay. And you have 5 or 10 more very good reasons not to.

Changing something is a lot of work, and nobody feels like doing it. And there’s the difference between someone who’s running in circles, who feels stuck, and someone who does it anyway and makes things happen.

I know. The life you created makes you feel trapped and frustrated. You want something more.

The only antidote to running in circles is action. You’re in charge, and you can do the hard work to make your desires come true. Take action when you don’t feel like it, when you worry you can’t, and when everyone says you’re crazy.

Listen to that little twinge and stop running in circles.

5 thoughts on “Running in Circles”

  1. I love that picture of you also.

    “But I do not know that hard work that is needed” is a common phrase I hear. To you and I that would mean for us to go our and learn what is needed, and then decide if we need to learn more, or if it is not a viable option. However, it is true that most people that I have ever met were unhappily content to wallow in their splendiferousness for what they never achieved for having gotten that degree and that job which may pay well but they stagnate within. Most are happy to have the overpaid for trapping to which the exclaim to all that they are whatever great they are.

    Listening to that little twinge is only going to make one have to buck the comfortable system that they bought into. It is best ignored so as to not make any waves… not even a single ripple.

    Did I happen to mention that I enjoy the representation of you in that photo of you?

  2. We have a lot of information available at our finger tips…laptop to cell phones to cable/satellite networks which! We try our best to decipher and determine what is the best, most reliable information – the truth of data as we know it. Consider dating sites…what is written in a profile…hope is that it’s true (but this is about trust and that is better to be discussed in the future) and indicates true intentions. “No commitment” and “hang out” vs “looking for a relationship” vs “wanting to get married”, do they all indicate who open someone is to change and/or fearful of change?

    We all know life is about managing and adapting to changes – we’re about to change because of the influences surrounding us. Hopefully we find others that accept us for who we’ve become and not where we are or what we’ve been through – those events of our past have presented us with decisions of how we direct these lives – free will or adaption? There’s a difference in change: some who fight it, some who succumb to it, and others who make things happen. (dating site pitfall – failing to accept that life may change the moment you click on someone and they become part of our future – but those are still on the site have found themselves “running in circles” and have become complacent in themselves or trapped in “greener pastures”.

    Ask yourself, are you fearful of change?

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