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It Doesn’t Matter What They Think

Most people agree that it doesn’t matter what other people think of them. That’s in theory.

In reality, without realizing it, we attach importance to the opinion others have about us. Yes, you do it too… and that’s okay. For now.

What they think of us matters, but we would like the tranquility that comes from not giving them any power over us through their opinions.

Start by being conscious that what they do, how they feel, and what they think isn’t in your control. Their actions, their feelings, and their thoughts belong to them.

And then do the exercise of not taking what they do, feel, or think personally.

You’re wrong 99% of the time when you give meaning to someone’s action, or you try to guess what they’re thinking of feeling. You don’t have telepathic powers. So stop acting and talking as if you had 😉

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter What They Think”

  1. You never stop amazing me with your insite and honesty, and wisdom, you must have gone through a lot of soul searching and affirmation of who you are. Thanks for your blog. Yes it should not matter what others think, true but it does a little if only for a minute. It takes a lot of bravery and blind determination to follow what’s inside of you, while trying to block out the negative voices attempting to hold you back. Most people are afraid to follow their own voice because of either society, their family, or simply someone else vision of who and what they should adhere to. You seem to have found the strength and courage to block those forces and follow your inner voice, and for sharing that I am very grateful. We all have self doubts, being able to treat them as just minor emoutions, we are then able to let them flow out of us and follow our true voice. You seem to have mastered this effort, thank you for sharing.


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