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Make a Feint

If you have something on your mind that you want to do, dream to do, wish to do, now is the right time to do it.

I hear you. I mean, I hear your excuses in my mind. Because they’re also my excuses for not doing the things I want, dream, wish I could do.

The excuses can always be boiled down to the same obstacle. And that obstacle is fear.

You know the drill. The only way to have a full life, an extraordinary life, is to face fear by doing the things we’re afraid of doing.

Surprise your fear, make a feint, and score a goal!

What have you been putting off because you’re scared?

5 thoughts on “Make a Feint”

  1. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!! We have 5 senses. Just your Photos alone, I have the Full Picture. Your appearance and texture of your skin, Facial Expression; I am totally distracted. Only to look, ends as desire and a tempt. Your man should realize, he has the Best Choice and with no comparison.

  2. What have you been putting off because you’re scared?

    Nothing… because I know better now. I have learned to discern between what my “I” want and need to do, and what the many societies keep on trying to get me to do. I want and need so very little; I have not the expectation of myself to try the many things that “they” use to tell me was what I should do or should try. Sure, back when I was younger I was afraid (a.k.a… apprehensive) because I sensed that what I was doing was not the right thing for me to do. Sure, it may be okay for others, but for me it was not okay.

    But unlike most others, I am 61 and wiser. I know my “me” better now than I ever have.

  3. I’m a practicing Stoic, and one of my favorite aphorisms on fear is from Seneca: “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

    He recommends a critical analysis of our fears to truly understand what is real and what is imagined.

    Thanks for the thoughtful question!


  4. I Finally did it I came out to all my friends. I was worried at first buy when my best friend said hey bro nothing changes. Plus so sick of being afraid all time. So I now feel like a 15-16 year old and fear nothing now I’m free. Thx for being a little part of this hon. Mwah Derrick

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