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Ask Great Questions

Our mind is always chatting, and we let it drift to where ever it wants to go. It sometimes tells us shit we wouldn’t dare think of telling someone we care and love.

But we end up telling ourselves unacceptable, harmful, demeaning, destructive things without even fighting back.

It’s like this flow of thoughts that if only we could redirect, would let us have an extraordinary life.

I found a great way to direct my flow of thoughts into positive, constructive thinking.

I ask myself great questions. They start with “what” and “how”, almost never with “why”.

Here’s a few I ask on a regular basis.

  • What are you not doing, but you know you should be?
  • What feels messy or confusing, and how can you make it tidy?
  • What have you been putting off because you’re scared? (this one is my favourite!)
  • What’s the most obvious change that would benefit you?

What are great questions you ask yourself?

5 thoughts on “Ask Great Questions”

  1. Hi Chloe, I’m currently in that thought process. I’m battling depression, and the example questions you wrote above are exactly what i need to change my thought process.

    Life is supposed to be beautiful… and fun…Today, i’m going for a ride on my old Honda XLV600, to relax my mind and reprogram new questions that lead to positive thinking and awesome energy. many thanks to you for stimulating positivity and pleasure

  2. You ask, “what are great questions you ask yourself?”

    For my profession I am quite adept at asking questions, but for me and my job ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘when’ is as important as asking ‘what’.

    But that is my job, important for the the income I derive from it to sort-of-kind-of make a living for myself.

    On a personal level I, now at a much older and wiser time of my life, came to ask the exact same questions that you posted… but maybe it was about different stuff. To me, the what I was doing had to be understood before I moved on. So, there had to be an understanding… a ‘why’. So, a ‘what’ led to ‘why’ which led to ‘what’… and so on and on and on (most of the time).

    Beyond that the framing of the question had to be correct for me. As an example, it was not just “what am I doing wrong?” but rather it had to be “what am I doing right and what am I doing wrong?” And it selfishly had to be all about me which contradicted how I was indoctrinated into this world by the societies that I were raised in.

    Yes, your blog post here and there need brevity, and you do well at doing so. However, the vastness of what you present in your posts for each individual, or yourself I presume, will have a discovery time that is as short as reading one of your blog post. One has to be willing to give oneself the time for individual attention.

    As you well know Chloe is that to do physical masturbation in the best of ways is to take the time to do it correctly for yourself. That is the whole idea… ones “self” pleasure, not the pleasure of part of the whole of society or even one other. It is all about selfish intimate introspection… and that is why religions do not approve of it.

    From my own experiences, and for mentally intimate conversations with others, asking the questions are easy in comparison to accepting the answers or conclusions. For most humans flipping-off society and not being of ashamed of not being like the rest of society is not easy (and will never happen) Peer pressure is the greatest tool of the Lords via their sheep.

    Asking what I can do to be a wolf rather than a sheep is my greatest question that I ask myself.

    That is that, and it may make one think that they will be a lone wolf for the total number of sheep… as in… billions. However, I have come to see and understand that there are very many in close proximity to me that are looking for an example of what they can be (for knowing they are really nothing in their present form). It all makes sense then… the reason the herders of the sheep are afraid of the ‘lone wolf’.

    Sort of ‘full circle’ it comes to be what can I do for others, but anew. Even now it makes me lol, but with a whole ‘nother mindset.

    You, Chloe, are not changing the whole of the world, but you are having influence that are not good for the religion of society, but are good for individuals to be individuals.

    It pleases me that I am and have been along your ride to discovering your your apart from societies.

    I, and others maybe, do love you for more than your physical attributes. Take that to heart every day of the rest of your life 🙂 <3 :*

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