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Use Simplicity to Take Action

When something is complicated, the mind bumps into, and focus on the complexity instead of taking action. To help you take action, breaking down what you want to do in simple, clear, small and easy tasks will often do the trick. When a task is so small that it takes only a minute to do, it’s easy to have a first win. That easy win will grow into more successes.

Whether it’s exercise, eating better, creativity, work, un-cluttering, or learning new skills, using simplicity is an easy to reproduce system for everything in your life that you feel needs a change. Starting simple, clear, small and easy will compound into big results over time, even if today, it seems ridiculous.

Can you think of big tasks you’ve put off because they seem too complicated, and break them into simple, clear, small and easy steps?

“When the book is open, it’s easy to lean inside and read a few lines.”


3 thoughts on “Use Simplicity to Take Action”

  1. You asked: “Can you think of big tasks you’ve put off because they seem too complicated, and break them into simple, clear, small and easy steps?”

    For my it is my job to do that, I have come to learn, and therefore know, to do that. Over my recent scores of years I have been given some of the most vague requests/instructions by others. The things that complicate the process has been always “the change in plans” or the “I did not envision it that way”. Such it is within my profession.

    However, the other side of the coin (of life and living) is my personal life… that is, my life away from my job. There I have emphasized more on “keeping things simple stupid”… which just may be what you are talking about. Life and living can be way complex if one tries to deal with everything all at once. Does not everything take a set amount of time to do something, and all things have to preceded by something else? Maybe there is no disconnect between my chosen profession and my life and living outside of my job?


    As I was preparing my meal I kept on thinking about all of this and that. And it came to me that maybe what we are today is indeed a thread of who we are today at our core that we always have been. That thought revealed itself when I recalled deciding to code in a higher level programming language, but then choosing to program in Assembly. Was it always my nature to be that way (to know or come to know how to break things down to the smallest of levels to make a refined large level… and if not a person’s way, will that person ever come to know to do so?

    So, what of the foundation of you and I that got us to this point, a point of doing as such? Is it the reading and listening, or was it some significant emotional event way back when we were 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or whatever-young that steered you and I to do the things we need to do to become the more that we want and need to be as a person?

    Just asking questions while contemplating your Blog post.

  2. i really enjoy the topic you wright about

    simplicity is a hard word for me
    i tend to tack thing’s to serious in my life
    i try to do the best i can in everything in my life
    so i think i lose sight of whats important

  3. What you write is true – in project management speak I was taught to break things down into small chunks.

    You look simply divine in your shirt!


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