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Level Up

I tend to think that we live our lives in levels, sort of like when we play a video game. You can only go to the next level or chapter until you learn the lessons from the current level you’re living in.

If you want to know the lessons you’re meant to learn, look at the things you’re afraid of, the things you complain about, or the things you’re avoiding.

The way to get to the next level, and learn the lessons, is by taking action. When you try the first time, you’ll either succeed or survive a failure.

If you succeed, congratulation, you’ve learned the lesson, and you can level up!

If you survive, examining the failure, and picking your brain on what could be the lesson, you can try again with a better understanding of how to succeed the next time.

Until you succeed, you’ll be stuck at this level, and the same type of challenges will be thrown at you until you learn the lesson.

When you’re aware of this, life’s challenges become fun because you’ll want to level up!

What are you afraid of, avoiding, or complaining about in your life?

5 thoughts on “Level Up”

  1. When I do something in service of a cause or helping someone (without any public recognition which I dont seek anyway) I rarely procrastinate or avoid challenges involved. If it is for so called ‘self improvement’ for selfish reasons then I do procrastinate.

    In my thinking there are really no successes or failures because whatever we do and aim for is only one part of the effort. There are whole hosts of variables due to other people and other events that the eventual outcome is not just tied to only my effort. If I make no effort then the objective will fail. If I made effort there is no guarantee of success in the outcome. So I would like to take life as a series of experiences and accept myself and the results as they are.

    With that said if there is a larger cause behind an objective that can be motivating…

  2. Used to now I’ve came out and no more Fear. So I’m good dear. It rocks the feeling. Hope thou art well. Take Care sensei. Xoxo Derrick

  3. “Think and wonder, wonder and think” Dr. Seuss

    In today’s world of multimedia flooding our senses at all times, it’s important to take time to just think. Unplug a bit and ponder big thoughts. There are so many movies, TV shows, video games, and music that fill our heads with someone else’s thoughts that it’s vital to clear your mind on occasion and see what your own thoughts are. Wonder about where you’re going, think about what you want. Ponder the great mystery of life and see what you come up with.

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