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Changes to the Website

When I created the home site for, I’ve used a theme that I bought online. It was Okay because I wanted to launch the site as fast as possible, and instead of spending time on the design, I thought it would be better to create videos, and talk to my fans.

The theme looked neat from the outside, but it was overly complicated under the hood. I couldn’t find my way through, and that created barriers for me to do any kind of changes that would make the site better.

With the launch of the new design, I’ve re-learned a lesson: changes create problems. I had a few bugs to fix, and I don’t know if you’ll like it. Over time, I hope it’ll create better problems than preventing me from working on enhancing your experience!

So if you find things that don’t work, take a screenshot, and send it to me (please :P):

Thank you, love you!!!

4 thoughts on “Changes to the Website”

  1. No problem, you gorgeous lady who just happens to be an adult video artist. Change dealing with computers is a time consuming stinker, however, I’m sure you’ll get it resolved.

  2. Love your blog. Still contemplating value in joining your web site. I trust you won’t stop your blog and transfer everything to your new web site.

  3. What a clever lady you are.

    Keep up the good work and continue looking so very beautiful ( I would love to see you in dresses more often as it accentuates your wonderful figure).

    thank you for everything

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