Chloe Morgane - Scar from Off-road Motorcycle Accident

Accident 4th Anniversary

On October 6, 2013, I went for an off-road motorcycle ride. I broke my tibial plateau. One of the worst fractures you could get, according to the surgeon who fixed my bones.

In one way it was traumatic, in another way, it was a wonderful, long moment of introspection. When one of the most important things, one of the things you are so familiar with, walking, standing, running, jumping, taking a shower, taking care of your basic needs, is taken away from you, you become even more passionate about them.

Even if they’re the most mundane things in life, you feel like this is what you want more than anything in the world. You fight with all your heart, all your guts, and all your being to get that power back. Because, however unexciting these activities are, trust me, they make our life remarkable.

For me, there’s no break. I make it a daily practice to move my body, to stretch, or to lift heavy things (me!) to be stronger. On the rare days I can’t make time for my body, I can’t walk, or go up and down the stairs easily; it hurts.

Today, I can’t take for granted the simple act of walking, or standing on my two feet. I am always amazed, and deeply grateful just watching my feet get in front of one another. I feel that all the tedious work I’ve done, and am still doing to keep my ability to move, is paying big dividends.

We humans will fight hard not to lose something. We’ll fight way harder not to lose something than we’ll fight to gain something new. It might be because we know that thing we don’t want to lose, compared to that new, unknown, thing we could gain. There’s uncertainty with gaining something new.

7 thoughts on “Accident 4th Anniversary”

  1. Sometimes we have to lose something in order to learn its true value and how much it really means to us, and this can count with anything, i once sprained my ankle (high-school basketball) and had to have it in a cast for 2 months…and those 2 months of having to move around with the help of crutches felt like agony so i understand what this must’ve felt like Chloe, i hope you are doing much better now 🙂

    1. Indeed. We take a lot of what we have for granted. Gratitude is the best remedy for all illness that I know!
      Have a great day, Hercules! xx

  2. I was a member of the old site that Chloe was affiliated with about the time when the horrible accident happened. I can’t believe it has been 4 years already. Chloe is amazing and has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Continued success and I like how Chloe just keeps going strong.

  3. I have been following Chloe since 2007 when I was a charter member of her original site. Her blogs and observations on life have been inspiring and helped me through a fight with throat cancer in 2012 which I won. Her smile and personality are uplifting.

    1. Wow! Thank you for being there with me since almost the beginning! You are brave and I’m so happy to know you were able to fight throat cancer and win 🙂 Sending you love V. James xxx

  4. You have been so courageous Chloe in focusing on your long road to recovery.Your conviction, tenacity and determination are to be admired – just as everything about you is admired 🙂

    Carry on blogging and stay beautiful !

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