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Journaling Everyday

Although I am new to journaling every day, I can already see benefits impacting my days. It acts like a meditative practice. To guide me through the process, I use questions:

  • What am I grateful for (3x)?
  • What would make today great (3x)?
  • How could I have made yesterday better (3x)?
  • What amazing things happened yesterday (3x)?

I also write down my daily affirmations (3x) and The Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz’s teaching.

It takes about 15 minutes to write, but it’s a great investment. It fills my mind with goodness, and sets me on the right path into making the day fantastic. Of course, it doesn’t make problems and challenges disappear, but I suspect it helps put them in perspective, and not make them bigger or smaller than they really are.

If I have time to spare, I’ll go ahead and write about a chapter from a book that got me thinking, or I’ll reflect on something I’m having trouble with. Writing gives order to the chaos that reigns in my head.

Do you journal? Would you like to, but think you don’t have time to commit?


5 thoughts on “Journaling Everyday”

    1. Congratulations on your journalism journey! And meditation is a great practice, you’ll see improvement in all aspect of your life just by doing this little commitment 🙂

      Thank you!!! xx

  1. I have been listening to you for quite some time now… well, actually a long time now. Today, as it has many days prior, it struck me that you seem to be expressing your life and living as good for you, but not so much a challenge in a way that you need. To make this comment not elaborate I will ask you outright, have you ever thought about becoming an aircraft pilot? Just seems to me that the excitement of the ride is more a distraction than what you want to be doing. Yes, you are savvy, but also cool, calm. and collective. I see you as one that I would entrust flying me over the Atlantic and being comfortable in not a single bit of conversation for your concentration along the whole flight as I would be.

    Just an expression of a long term observation.

    1. Indeed, after the tumult that occurred after my accident, I sought a little bit of comfort. That doesn’t mean I don’t challenge myself. Of course, you just see a fraction of who I am, and what I do, and it would seem to you that my life is pretty peaceful through the lenses of the Internet. It’s the same phenomenon that happens with Facebook “friends” who post only happy and amazing moments. That’s what you see, but it doesn’t mean it’s their reality. You can never really know someone unless you are that someone, and want to get to know yourself.

      As for flying, it’s not my cup of tea. Why would I do something I don’t like when life is already so short? 😉

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