Chloe Morgane - What if?

The Life we are Capable of Living

It’s intriguing to think about the lives we are capable of living compared with the life we are actually living. The life we are capable of living is the one that we secretly desire. It exists somewhere deep inside us.

But this amazing life isn’t driven by the you who gives in to procrastination and doubts. It can only manifest when you’re at your best, confident, and healthy. You can live this life when you show up, when you make things happen, and do everything you can to make a difference.

To make this extra-ordinary life happens, you need a system, one that will work for you. You need to try new ideas and implement them until there’s a good fit with the system and your personality.

But most importantly, you need a vision. Something that will drive you to action. I invite you to write it down, without judgement, without thinking about what others say you should be, have, and do. Without asking “How am I going to achieve this?” but by asking “What if?”. What if I could save the world? What if I could end poverty? What if I could become a millionaire? What if I could own a Tesla or a Ferrari? What if I could become a farmer?

What if?

4 thoughts on “The Life we are Capable of Living”

  1. Having a much Better day now that I seen You so Gorgeous and Topless hon. I had no idea your Areolas were that big. Quite like my Moms. Very Soft from my last Memories not to far back either lol. You made my day I just showed your Pic to Mom said you were a Cutie and your a friend of mine and Family dear. Told her about your Education says thx knew you could find a good person to teach. I’ll either be doing Porn or In a band. Thanks and those 2 things are All i want to do. I run a clean Nudist Show Guitar on Vimeo I am Gerri Nudist there dear. All The Best Friend Mwah Derrick…

  2. All I know is What if I had a woman like You? I would be the luckiest guy on the face of this earth! Your breasts are gorgeous, your skin inviting your mind is intriguing and your playfulness is a dream come true!

    1. Ask, and you shall receive.
      And if your mind goes, “Pfff! Never going to happen”, just ask “What if?”.

      BTW, you already are the luckiest guy on the face of this earth! You can read/write (pretty well), you have Internet access, you probably eat 3 meals a day, and I’m assuming you have clothes and a roof.

      Maybe all you need now is to push through and ask for what you really want.

      Have a great day Thomas xx

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