Chloe Morgane - 30 Day Experiment on Gratitude

Be Grateful and Stop Complaining

I’m sharing another experiment. The 30 day experiments, or challenges have been great at helping me get better in certain domains of my life. Although I’ve failed many times, each time I started a new one, I got a bit further, and I’ve improved on the activity I chose for the 30 day challenge, even when I didn’t complete it.

This November, I wanted to go a full 30 days without buying useless stuff. I would only buy groceries and essential personal hygiene products. This month’s experiment is kind of a continuity of the not buying useless stuff experiment because it helps being less materialistic.

I sometimes complain about the world, my situation, and I even about people… This is unproductive, a true waste of time. It’s also an energy drainer, at least for me, and most likely for the person listening at my complaints.

Time is limited. I want to use it to do and make great things, to become a better version of myself, and hopefully to change the world.

Energy levels will decrease proportionately with negative thinking and complaining. To become a better person, to change the world, and to do great things, I need that energy.

My experiment is simple: go a whole month without complaining and replace the whining with gratitude. Replacing the bad behaviour is important because a habit can’t simply be stopped, it has to be swapped with another habit.

The tricky part is to catch myself complaining.

I’ll keep you posted throughout the month. It won’t be easy, but like anything else, practice makes perfect.

Do you complain often? Do you want to take on this challenge with me? Leave a comment pledging you’re in!

6 thoughts on “Be Grateful and Stop Complaining”

  1. Being grateful is one of several steps to finding self-love. Without self-love we are easily drawn into negative thoughts and actions. Being grateful is a shield against evil, and helps you stay focused on the positives in your life. This morning I compiled everything I am grateful in an email to the friends and family that have shown unconditional love during a difficult time in my life. I also have both a “Grateful Bucket” and a “Fuck It Bucket”. My gratuity bucket is quickly filling while my fuck it bucket only gas two items.

  2. For me if I complain about something I try to think about a resolution to the complaint or if anything can be done. My bosses at work try to implement that. If you have a complaint about something in a meeting you must have a resolution or answer to that complaint.

    1. I meant it as whining.

      But that’s a good way to make people stop whining!

      A complaint can also indicated there’s a problem, in which case, it’s a good strategy to focus on the solutions!

  3. Dear Chloe,

    I don’t know if I complain. Dale Carnegie who taught the world on how to win friends and influence people asserts as the first rule never to complain. This book supported by a course as well is still widely referenced and used the world over for nearly 80 years or so. That is because such rules hold a mirror in front of our face to not ‘condemn, complain and criticize’ if we want happy interactions with others.

    I have very good set of friends who will tell me without hesitation if I complained. I hope I do not do that. I will keep a watch if I internally complain for a month with you 🙂

    Your blog says that in addition to beauty, sensuality and raw intellectual power you have a spiritual bone in you. Therefore I hope you will read what I have to say from the lens of spirituality.

    There is no sense, in my view, to constantly try to improve ourselves. In fact for lasting happiness and for inculcating happiness in others what we need to do is to accept ourselves unconditionally the way we are. In order to feel rich, we need to truly stop seeking money. Even a billionaire is poor if he or she is trying to accumulate more wealth all the time. The best way to feel secure is to stop seeing security in others. The best way to be happy is to stop seeking happiness which means accepting oneself the way one is.

    From a distance, you have achieved remarkable things. You have given a new dignity to porn that is rooted in love for your partner and to those that watch you. You have huge followers even after running into road blocks in life because your fans love you the way you are as a person in addition to your beauty. You never hid your age or even pose without make ups on occasion. You have built a life with extraordinary talent in: art, ability to shoot videos, human relations, technology skills, computer programming skills to just name a few. You are endowed with raw sensuality with which you have made many men and couples happy. In other words you have already accomplished that most cannot even dream in this world.

    The best goal I can suggest for someone who is talented in so many ways and has a spiritual bent is to find ways to make the life of less advantaged people better in the world. In doing that there can be no need to assess progress. Just accept the way you are and the way all the results of your efforts turns out to be..

    I said all this with friendly love at heart for you as a person (not sensual or sexual kind). I hope you think about this perspective. In any case I do not know you other than what you publish. From what I have known I accept you heartily and like you the way you are

    PS: I will let you know if end up complaining over the next 30 days 🙂

    1. Thank you so, so much. This is the kind of comment I looove to read because, although you mention we shouldn’t seek to improve ourselves, it will inevitably make me grow because it makes me ponder.

      The way I see the improvement of oneself is not only through skills, intelligence, or physical attributes, but also through spirituality. I’m currently “studying” Ego. What it is, what it does, how I can use it, tame it, or crush it. I’m reading the eloquent book from Ryan Holiday, Ego is the Enemy. I believe we MUST better ourselves, not because we’re not good enough, but because we are capable of so much more.

      I’ve started helping others who are in need. It’s just a small step, but your comment encourages me to seek more opportunity to help other.

      Thank you!

  4. Dear Chloe,

    First I realized I may be complaining to myself once in a while like when I am driving in a traffic jam. I then remember your blog and had a smile on such occasions. So thank you.

    Just for clarity, let me say this. Improvement happens but when we seek improvement our ego is playing a role. When we are committed to a mission for a very good non-egoistic reason then our dedication to the mission brings about the improvement.

    When ego is involved we can never find happiness and fulfillment. That was my point.

    When your life challenged you a few years ago you rose up to the occasion. Obviously you have to do your duties and build up a career/business etc. In reaching great heights I am sure you had grown in a number of areas. But the focus on the mission, focus on serving your family , and your love for your husband etc would have made egoistic aspects to the back burner.

    We are happy when we are not seeking but are focused on serving. In that paradigm shift there is happiness and room for growth.

    This is a very involved topic area requiring one to inquire as to – who we are, what is happiness , and the role of our ‘ego’ in relating to the world – all without bringing any religious beliefs. If you want to know more feel free to shoot an email.

    Thanks for sharing the link to the book you are reading. If I get a chance I will try to read it


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