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It’s My Choice

As incredible as it may sound, when I look back on my accident, I come to a place where if given the choice to go back in time and not go through the painful experience, I wouldn’t.

Why not!?

I have learned and changed so much in a good way that it doesn’t make sense to go back just to have a perfect working leg.

The everyday pain and challenges that come with it are a constant reminder of what I left behind, and what I have become. I have chosen to use this accident as an excuse to be a better human being by showing more kindness, humility, love, and respect toward others and myself.

What’s your excuse to be a better human?

4 thoughts on “It’s My Choice”

  1. This is an easy one: both my wife and I are cancer survivors, and that’s something that REALLY changes a person’s perspective!

    My cancer came first, and it dramatically changed my focus in life. I had been a workaholic, but I decided that I had to stop always working for the future, and start living more in the present. Realizing that that future might never come was a real wake-up moment! Later, when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, my determination to live in the now was reinforced. But old habits die hard, and I’m still working on living in the moment.

    Do I wish that we’d never had cancer? Absolutely! But I can’t change that past. What I CAN do is use the lessons learned to be a happier, and hopefully a better, person.

    1. Kevin – I wish you and your wife long life being in the Now 🙂

      Chloe – I stumbled upon your story accidentally! It provided opportunities to get to know you through these blogs as a very warm and beautiful woman. I would not wish that event for you or anyone but that event has created different type of admirers of you (like me for example)

  2. One may not need a major event in life to become a better person in my view. However, life has a way of throwing curve balls for everyone and if we are sufficiently sensitive those events could create a paradigm shift in our our long-held and often unstated & unjustified beliefs.

    Deep thinking about life in general is my ‘excuse’ to be the best everyday. Being the best requires a definition and I have two aspects to this.

    1. Being in the present moment (being in the Now as Kevin has stated above): This means that we do not carry regrets of any kind from our past memories. It also means that we do not waste the present moment by worrying about the future. Daily meditation is a way to achieve this sense of being in the Now and hence being alive.

    2. Causing least damage to other beings including the environment. If there is a way to live such that we do not cause hurt directly or indirectly to any being including human beings then it results in a sense of peace of mind. Sometimes conflicts and value conflicts can arise and I have tried to make the choice as to how to cause the least harm, I can survive well by being vegan/vegetarian. If we buy milk it is only from places that raises the cows in a humane manner. I do not like to watch porn because it may have had sources in hurt somewhere, I do not think what you present here as porn found elsewhere because you are only sharing your unfathomable love to your husband. But I think of you as a one-way virtual friend from a distance and hence do not like to stare at you. I do not like to own too many things and if opportunity presents for being asked for help or give away what I have I try to do so. I know typical readers of your blog may not be able to relate to what I have stated but I appreciate the opportunity to engage with you here.

    Most importantly an aspect to be alive is to accept ourselves as we are and wish the best to one and all. I have made mistakes and continue to do them. But attempting to live in the now means I can be the best possible at this given moment. It also means I readily apologize to others if I have not lived up to my own intent to be the best in the moment.

    My best wishes to you for making such an effort to be excellent in all you do.

  3. I’m a practicing Stoic and one of my foundational aphorisms is amor fati – love “fate.” It is what it is without much influence from me. The best I can do is to deal with how it affects me, effectively!

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