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Finding the One

Most people know that their partner will hardly ever change because they ask or want them to. If they don’t know yet, they soon find it out the hard way. Still, it’s astounding the number of people who say they will succeed in changing something they dislike in their partner.

When someone makes a change, it’s often with great effort, and only if he or she has strong reasons to do so. And the reason is not for you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to find someone who has less of the things you don’t want, and more of those you want? Of course, if you don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place, how can you ever find the one?

Another way to live the perfect love with the person you’re already with is to accept her the way she is. As in unconditionally. As in loving her whole being. You chose to be with this person, for better and for worst. Focus on what’s amazing in your partner, and I can guarantee your chances of staying together happy and for a long time will double.

One thought on “Finding the One”

  1. Accepting another being unconditionally is not possible unless we accept ourselves with all our flaws unconditionally. When we do not need another person to compete us, because we accept ourselves, our love to the other person is unconditional. For that matter, then we accept all others we come across the way they are. Accepting others does not mean accepting what they do against ethics, society or harm unconditionally.

    Overall we are at peace because we accept another the way they are. That is the beginning of a true love because our love has no agenda tied to it. The root reason is that we are not expecting another for our happiness and well being because we already accept ourselves ..

    I know you as a person by your writing- and I love you unconditionally for the person you are though we will never meet in person or have a dialog.

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