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Disproving my Incorrect Beliefs

When I’m having a hard time making something happen, or changing a behaviour that’s not so good for me, I know it’s because of the belief I hold about it. The belief is holding me back.

I found that dragging that belief out in the open, writing it down, reading it a few times out loud, and then finding examples that disprove it can make it so much easier to get unstuck.

It’s not the situation that’s the problem, it’s my belief about it. When I change my belief, using examples of other people who are having similar challenges, but who made it through, I can accept that what I want to do or change is not easy, but possible.

Do you have incorrect beliefs that are holding you back?

7 thoughts on “Disproving my Incorrect Beliefs”

    1. I do have a few about life, spirituality, money, people, love, look… Anything that starts with “I must”, or “I have to”, or “I can’t” is an incorrect belief.

      1. Not sure i agree with that at all. I MUST take responsibility for my own actions,
        I HAVE TO show other people respect if i am to expect it in return.
        I MUST instill proper values and discipline in my children if i expect them to grow into proper adults.
        I HAVE TO be honest.
        I CAN’T mistreat others….

        There are hundreds of such examples of where these beliefs are in fact quite correct.

  1. Agradezco tus palabras, una creencia ,pensar que el ser humano es bondadoso.
    La maldad está validada como un recurso para alcanzar un objetivo
    El mundo al revés

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