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Technology for a Better Life

Never before have we been so free, but at the same time, feeling so trapped. The technologies that give us the freedom to work from anywhere, learn anything, be in contact with people around the world, also make us work too much, get information overload, and stay hooked on social media for too long… Spending our days watching other people live their lives.

It’s a constant battle to get the right dosage of work, information, and socialization. The challenge gets ever greater as many applications are constructed to keep us scrolling and clicking (or touching).

We need to find our own tricks and hacks to use technology to our advantage, not to give ourselves away to this attention/connection economy.

The right dose can enrich our lives like never before, while the overdose is lethal to our happiness, health, and relationship.

How do you use and manage technology to enhance your life?

One thought on “Technology for a Better Life”

  1. I am happy to be not happy. I am happy to be living alone. I am happy to be using my right hand when that urge befalls me. I Love females, but they choose not to love me even with the increased availability for having all the Internet is. It seems to be my fault… for being only a man. So I have to use the current tek for so much demands it in current society. But, through experience, I have chosen not to be a slave to it anymore than I would ever again be a slave to a woman… even you (maybe to your dismay).

    Technology enhancing my life? At best while I do my photography. Other than that, not at all.

    And the answer is “no”. Photography is a hobby only to me, so I admitting that does demand that I would never take on photographing someone as beautiful as you. As good as you look, you deserve way better than I could ever do.

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