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Practice Overcoming Fear

It was scary to think of posting my thoughts about everything and anything that can make us into better human beings out there in the wild. I had and still have fears.

Would my English writing be understandable? Would I make ridiculous mistakes because English is my second language? Would you dismiss my views of the world because of the “job” I do? Would I be judged and mocked for my ideas?

It’s a wonderful feeling to face fear and get over it. The more I practice facing my fears, the stronger I get at overcoming them.

Turns out you guys are pretty cool. You’re great critiques, and your opinions spark new thoughts, and help me question my beliefs. I love it and that’s a lot of fun!

Thank you!

P.S.: Today is my birthday, I’m turning 43!

10 thoughts on “Practice Overcoming Fear”

  1. Happy Birthday or rather Happy birth week! You look like you are 23 🙂 You have overcome a lot in life and I hope you continue to thrive and enjoy life over many decades with your husband. The fact that you have openly shared your age shows that you do not have normal insecurities of many human beings..

  2. Let’s establish that I understand that fear is a taught construct. Fear is so a horrible web that I do not have the time or will to talk as much about it as I know. Simply, you are not overcoming fear but how you were conditioned and the why that you were… both of which took hold in you for the reasons it had to at the time.

    To overcome fear we have to understand whence it came to weave itself into us. But to understand where it came into us we have to admit who did the web weaving… but to to understand that we have to overcome the fear of admitting the evils of those that we had been conditioned to fear to see any evil in.

    That’s the short version. I hope it is worthy of provoking thoughts for the betterment of you even further.

    That being that, for having known your images from times long ago (20-ish years), sorry to say that you do not look like one or some would say, that you look in your twenties. However, at your current age you are looking worthy of all the admiration and adulation that you receive.

    Days late am I for a birthday wish of good day for you, but it is only always just totally up to you to make each day good in the ways that you need and want. Each day… 🙂

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