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Reset Your Perspective

Here’s a little “How To” to complement last week’s post about creating a better perspective of dramatic events. I find these steps can be applied to most situations, past and present, and you should start with something relatively light to ease into the practice.

First, find something that scares you just a little, not something that terrifies you. As a human being, you’ll have plenty to work your way up. Your emotional reaction of fear toward this scary thing is an sign that your perspective can be changed.

Second, go inside yourself and dig to find the positive perspective of that thing that scares you. Ask your subconscious or your Higher Power, or who or what you believe in, to help you see it differently.

Last, stay open to the answer that you will receive. This is not magic, or voodoo-woodoo, it’s just the power of your brain at work. Believe the answer is perfect and understandable. It may come into little bits and pieces, but if you pay attention, it will come to you in a way you can make sense of it.

We’re already making up our own reality, so I don’t see why we should put up with what we’re supposed to feel about tragic events. I’m not saying we should be insensitive, indifferent, or apathetic. Simply that we have the freedom to choose whether or not an experience can empower us by creating our own perspective of the event.

Crazy? Not crazy? What’s your view?

3 thoughts on “Reset Your Perspective”

  1. So many of us have built an impenetrabile bubble around the simple moral laws
    we are trapped in society-imposed repression which stomps us when we try to
    break out ……..BLJHB

    1. Does the book “The Four Agreements” ring familiar to either you Jonathan or Chloe?
      It seems so familiar to me when the posts are sent that (nice pictures aside of course) Chloe is on to something far deeper than we perceive daily. She has either broken through “the Matrix” of our culture or is in the process.
      The idea of creating our own realities is profound to some and in many cases a tragedy.
      Some see the lenses through which they view life and others are certain that they have the true real and actual perspective denying their lenses exist.

      If I could suggest a book to anyone and everyone if you have not already read it of course. The book is called “The Four Agreements” By M.D. and Toltec “Shaman” donMiguel Ruiz

      Look it up. You are actually both correct on this issue. The how to “escape” is well outlined in this book!

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