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You Make Your Day

What’s wrong with constantly having a hard day?

You make your day. If you work for someone, you make your day by letting someone else telling you how to make your day. You can see this as either helping somebody achieve their dreams and getting rewarded by doing so, enjoying the process along the way.

Or you can see it as another hard day’s work, hating to even think about it, dragging your ass every day to the office, and dreaming of what you’ll do during the weekend, which you eventually spend doing errands and trying to relax.

Who chose the job you currently have? And why did you choose that particular job? If you hate it, you are burying the greatness you have in yourself. When you have a hard day, every day, you drain your power. When you’re depleted, you can’t share your unique talent, your beautiful gift with the world. And that’s what makes having bad days, every day, wrong.

Make your day the one you set out to be, and let the greatness grow from within. There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else, but it’s wrong to do it if it drains your power every single day.


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  1. What jobs can you do well ? Can you livè on that income? Have you checked on
    how you present yourself at job interviews? people who. hire find folks carefull
    with their presentation ,dress,language. and business in general……

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