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The Power of Your Emotions

Negative emotions can drain you of your energy because you invest that energy into the negative feelings that are pulling you down. Meaning, you’re not down because someone put you down, or because you were born like this, you are down because you focus on the emotions that put you down.

The trick is not to never have negative emotions. That’s not real. The trick is to use the emotions, positive and negative, as cues to take action. Emotions are calls to action. How you feel will make or break your life.

Those painful emotions can be our best friends. They are sending us signals that what’s happening is wrong and that we need to make a change.

If you don’t listen to emotions, they will find a way to make you listen, they’ll erupt, and get more and more intense. The best way to deal with emotions is then to learn from and use them!

7 thoughts on “The Power of Your Emotions”

  1. When a certain emotion arise in us in a strong way, say anger at having been wronged, there is very little time for us to realize that the anger is rising. Beyond some point our mind goes into a reactive mode. If we can catch the rise of any emotion in our mind it is possible to act and not react.

    Often anger, fear, greed, envy, and sadness can delude our mind into wrong actions because we cannot contain the effect of the emotion leading to reaction we may end up regretting later. Relationships get lost in matter of minutes based on what we do when we are emotionally affected.

    In reaction mode it is not possible to use our energy wisely.

    A few simple rules can help us to do better in life. Never send an email or letter when you are angry or otherwise affected. If you did write an email or letter do not send it until a day later. In face to face situations excuse yourself to get a drink of water giving time to act and not react.

    1. If you told your little kid to: “don´t walk in to the street” but he still makes it and you see him steadily on the way there. The anger is rising, but your choice is to not react. (!)
      My impulse would be to react and thereby the anger wll be transformed in to action, which is a necessity in the case.

      1. In that example, reaction is the required action. it is more of an instinct/impulse than an emotion in such situations 🙂 The instinct to act is to protect and not due to anger. Reprimanding the kid would be a reaction. But talking sense would be action.

  2. You said it young lady my dad is like Fingernails on a chalkboard. Also like talking to a brick Wall. He’s a sad ol man. He hurt me when he lied to my face about not being marred before. So I found out Thx to My Beloved Grandma. At 13 something changed in me. I wanted to push envelopes and Explore Everything. Ahh Those were the days being a Young Nudist and Parents getting Divorced. But I persevered dear. Oh yes k have…

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  4. Chloe –

    I enjoyed your post on the power of emotions. Although there are people who suffer with clinical depression and unhappiness from past experiences -it is true that most of us can find a better day for ourselves.

    I made a major change in my life to see what else is out there I keep thinking as time has gone along, I made a mistake. I disrupted everything to take this leap and I feel I’m paying a price I wasn’t prepared for.

    I’m a grown man – so I’m responsible for my own actions. I decided to do this. My life was pretty comfortable and I had tenure. Now, I’m starting over, in every way. I’m alone, no friends or family nearby and it’s hard to keep myself propped up. Loneliness can be a soul killer.

    One of the few highlights I’ve found is enjoying your site. Your sensuality and hotness makes me smile. It doesn’t take the sadness away, but it does help me forget it for a little while.


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