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Take a Ridiculous Action

It starts with a feeling that something is not quite right, that something is missing from your life, but you don’t really know what it is. Passion, happiness, purpose, maybe fulfillment?

And then you constantly avoid making a commitment to have happiness, success, love because… you can’t, you don’t have time, and you have the best excuses reasons in the world not to. I mean, who’s going to pay for the car, the mortgage, and the loan? Besides, you can exercise tomorrow, and start working on your scales this weekend…

If you don’t face them, all those excuses are going to define you. You will become your excuses. You’ll get so used to be them, that nothing your best friend will tell you will be able to shake them up. They’ll be rock solid.

Your challenge is to make a small notch in your excuses to create a change in your life, one you can easily build on. A small, even ridiculous action can create massive changes in your life. Passion, happiness, purpose, fulfillment, success, and love are your birth rights.



2 thoughts on “Take a Ridiculous Action”

  1. Remember to flush any schedules or deadlines Live your life.On your own
    terms, Your life is a compromise,not a rigid plan ; move ahead when you feel
    Comfortable, but stay mindfull ……BLJHB

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