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Treat Yourself Like a Winner

What if every day you treated yourself like a winner?

You’ve won because you got up on time this morning. You’ve won because you said something nice to someone. You’ve won because you did what you said you’d do at work, at the gym, and in the kitchen.

Treating yourself like a special person is going to make you feel like a winner. You are indeed special, the simple fact that you are alive makes you special.

Recognize that you’re a winner for all the little things you do. Soon enough those wins will add up, and you’ll start creating bigger wins more often. You’ll be living the life of a winner. People will treat you like a winner too because that’s who you’ll be.

One thought on “Treat Yourself Like a Winner”

  1. I am and treat myself like a real winner most morning eating a fresh load either Mine or His lol. Love that Taste. I don’t know just fills me up gets me going Dear. Wow…

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