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Challenging the Idea of Spare Time

Everyone gets only 24 hours a day (if you get 25, please email me with the details of how you manage this feat). All the time that we’ve already assigned, we’ve already assigned. Those few minutes left each day, we think of them as spare time. If only we could have more of it.

Somehow, some people manage to find 2 to 3 hours a day to do their side line project, write a book, learn and practice new skills that are bringing them closer to their dream life.

The reason is they’ve redefined what spare time means, they’ve redefined how they spend their time during their waking hours.

When you re-prioritize what spare time means to you, you can do anything and everything you want. When you say, “this is important to me”, you will have the spare time to do it.

2 thoughts on “Challenging the Idea of Spare Time”

  1. Spare time, work time, personal time, leisure time – these are mental categories. There is just time. In trying to accomplish anything the real question is not ‘what is being accomplished’ but ‘why should that be accomplished’. If the motivation to accomplish is driven by need for ego aggrandizement, one can never be happy with whatever is accomplished given any amount of time because as soon as something is done there will be 10 more things to do.

    If one wants of peace of mind that leads to a more enjoyable state of mind, we have to look at life’s priorities differently. If the goal is to help a cause, a person or a group of people for no reason other than to help, and if the work is done without any knowledge of anyone, then one will be less evaluative of the results and find that their time is consumed well leading to peace of mind and happiness.

    For example, even the idea of making a living can be an accomplishment if the motivation is to support a family or help to fund a larger cause.

    I know most may not agree with this approach to life but I am just sharing it because it can lead to peace of mind and feelings of success regardless of how our effort turns out.

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