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Finding Gratitude When it’s Hidden

It’s easy to be grateful when good things happen. When we have success, live the perfect day, meet someone who sparks something amazing inside us, gratitude comes easily.

It’s different when we face loss, challenges, disagreements, or misfortune. What happens to our gratitude then? Many of us will feel as victims when we experience adversity, and we think there’s no place for gratitude.

Indeed, how can we find gratitude in the face of loss, challenges, or misfortune? It’s hard to see challenges as having value, but through our suffering, finding gratitude can help us grow so much.

We can learn patience through torment or discomfort, wisdom from our mistakes, strength through loss, and compassion through calamities.

It’s possible to choose gratitude even if we’re the kind of person who tend to be negative because we can transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

With determination and effort, we can change the way we see things, despite what is happening to us, and with this new way to look at our situation, we can discover the gifts hidden in our setbacks.

Sometimes, we can’t see the gifts right away. There are times when we need to be patient and practice gratitude over and over. When hidden blessings are revealed to us, everything makes sense. We understand why we had to go through all of it. Out of hardship comes possibilities for which we can find deep gratitude.

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